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Alex Markson (amarksonauthor) | 15 comments Hello,
I'm looking for a few beta readers to give me some feedback.

Working Title: Sally's Shadow
Working Series Title: Quiet Companionship
Genre: Erotic Romance
Word count: 90,000
POV: First person, dual POV
Sex Scenes: Explicit hetero, including sensual, pain, control, sub, dom; nothing extreme.
Violence: None
Required: 2 to 4 beta readers

This is a full length erotic romance which has just completed its second edit, and is, I believe, in a very readable form. I'm looking for a few beta readers to give me their opinions. I'm happy for overall impressions, or something more detailed, depending on your preference. Can supply .docx or .pdf; if you prefer another format let me know, and if I can create it, I will. If you're interested, I would appreciate an idea of your timescales.

Brief synopsis.
Sally meets Marcus at a book club; both are introverts, but discover they have a lot in common. Both also have dark fantasies they want to explore, and soon realise that this could be their chance. The story follows their growing relationship, both erotic and intellectual, as they slowly open up to one another, and explore. However, both have problems to deal with, and something hidden away in Sally's past will return to haunt her.

If you're interested, please PM me or email me:

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I would be interested in reading this

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