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UNSOLVED: One specific book > new adult/romance/rape/separation/second chance/not historical/not herquilins

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Anjana Chadha | 2 comments hero heroine falls in love with each other then one day they go on mountains to spend a night ,in morning hero wants to propose heroine so he asks her to go alone on mountains but while going heroine gets raped and she was wearing heros jacket so she smelled him the entire time getting raped and hate that smell later hero finds her but heroine asks him to take her home and not tell anyone ,hero tries to console her but she cant smell him so she breaks his heart and leave him and her family and returns after many years due to some reasons and but everyone hates her to break the heart of her ,then hero heroine again try to fall in love with each other,this time also her rapist try to rape her but hero saves her and they live happily......it was published around 2011-2015

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Cassi | 6 comments Did she unknowingly marry her rapist who was abusive to her but didn't find out he was her rapist until the hero comes back into her life and the hero was an FBI agent. the hero ended up going to jail after the death of the rapist/husband and they had a baby together?

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Anjana Chadha | 2 comments yes yes i remember this was the story line

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