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Announcements & Book Promotions > Released on April 17th, 2017: Pocket Guide : 7 Keys To Riches(Investing)

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message 1: by Jahvaunn (new)

Jahvaunn Johnson | 3 comments Do you ever wonder what it takes to become rich? Well, this "Pocket Guide: 7 Keys to Riches" book will give you a wealth of knowledge and stewardship on how to achieve that. After reading this book, you will manifest an incisive, rich state of mind. It will bring you one step closer to riches. The state of your mind, determines the quality of your life! Don't miss out. Invest in yourself.

Happy Reading. Enjoy!

message 2: by Nik (new)

Nik Krasno | 13518 comments Good luck with the Pocket Guide, Jahvaunn

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