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Natacha reviews english & french books (full for now)

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message 1: by Natacha (last edited May 25, 2017 01:58PM) (new)

Natacha Lalande (natacha_lalande) | 10 comments Hello, i'm Natacha from Quebec, Canada.

I'm looking for more books to review. While i prefer receiving paperback versions rather than kindle versions, i have no problem with accepting kindle books. It's only that at least i don't have to depend on the % of my battery to read a book, and let's not lie to ourselves, there's nothing like the smell of books, holding one in our hands and physically turn the pages.

I can review books in english and french, as french is my 1st language. I will read most genre with some exception, i don't read science-fiction and christianity inspired books.

What i enjoy reading the most is erotica, paranormal/supernatural, romance, fantasy, coming-of-age, fiction. If you have LGBT books, i'd also be happy to read them.

To get a better idea of what i do, see my reviews, interviews and spotlights on my review blog.

I must note that for now i can't review on Amazon, but i'm looking for a friend that would accept to post my reviews for me on the website. I post my reviews on my blog, Goodreads and in my G+ Collection. I share them on Facebook (inc. a promotion group for authors and reviews) and twitter.

ATTENTION: Please DO NOT send me gifts from to get your book, as and are not compatible when it comes to gifts. If i send you my email in private, just send me the .mobi file.. or PDF if you don't have it in .mobi, from there i can convert the book to my device. I promise i never send the files to other people, i only forward it to my kindle address.

message 2: by Ray (new)

Ray Simmons | 20 comments Hi Natacha, My name is Ray Simmons and I am an Indie Author. I have 4 books on Amazon and they could all use more reviews. How can you help me? How can I help you? Please let me know. All 4 of my books will be free from May 27th through May 31st. You can download them directly from Amazon. I am basically giving them away in order to get feedback and reviews. Any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated.

Ray Simmons

message 4: by Natacha (new)

Natacha Lalande (natacha_lalande) | 10 comments Ray wrote: "The China Formula: Crisis in the Party"

Hi, sure i'll read it, i'll send you my email in priate message. (That way i can control better which books arrive hehe)

message 5: by Francis (last edited May 22, 2017 09:23PM) (new)

Francis Mandewah | 3 comments Hello Natacha,

My name is Francis Mandewah and I am the author of FRIENDSHIP: A True Story of Adventure, Goodwill, and Endurance.

Would please review my book? Would you accept a pdf of my book and if so, can I please have your email to send to you?

I appreciate your time and consideration.


message 6: by Natacha (new)

Natacha Lalande (natacha_lalande) | 10 comments I decided to change the title of my post, when said (available) is that i can still consider accepting books, when i'll be too loaded, i'll just change it to (unavailable).

I'm quite a fast reader but consider some time as there is always another book i'm reading for reviews, interviews or spotlights, If there's issues, i'll always come in contact with the authors and let them know.

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