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message 1: by Dennis (new)

Dennis Meredith (dennismeredith) | 16 comments Here is a tweet I send our periodically :
Thank You Notes Are An #Author's Greatest Tool

I hope some of the members will copy it and tweet it too. I send my favorite and most RT and Liked tweets out often because all of us get way too many tweets each day to possibly see them all. Let's spread the word.

Here is why this topic is so important: I send a thank you response to every person who does a review of any of our books. Today I got a response to a thank you email, the reviewer said "I appreciate the THANK YOU. I don't very often get a thank you or even an acknowledgement so it is appreciated."

Authors work so hard and spend so much time writing, and getting reviews is so important, please thank the reviewer, even if it is not a five star review they have taken the time to acknowledge your hard work and given you honest feedback. Thank them!

message 2: by Judi (new)

Judi Easley When an author has provided a book and requested a read and review, it is very nice to get an acknowledgement after a reviewer has posted the review.

When a reader has purchased your book and posted nice comments about it, its nice if the author could post a thank you in return.

Neither has to be anything fancy, just an acknowledgement of each other's efforts and thoughts.

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