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C.  (friends, please call me by name) (riedel) | 972 comments Mod
Everyone watching the finale of "The Voice" now heard something serious happened at the end of an Ariane Grande concert in northern England tonight. It is so recent, no one seems to know yet but explosions were heard and some people are injured or even deceased. All they say is "explosions" so we don't know if it is a malfunction, an accident, or an attack. Whatever it is, let's pray for all of those scared, hurt, and lost people tonight including Ariana and her crew. What a terrible outcome for a night of joy and they need all of our hearts right now to know we are with them and will get them through this. People of Manchester, we are awaiting your news with hope!

C.  (friends, please call me by name) (riedel) | 972 comments Mod
It sounds like this explosion took place outside the concert and it was people exiting that were harmed or affected. Manchester police suspect a suicide bomber. Good grief: in our world, accidents and illnesses we can't prevent are hurdles enough. We cannot and will not tolerate people causing any harm to anyone!!!!

C.  (friends, please call me by name) (riedel) | 972 comments Mod
I was saying to someone only an hour ago that although the theme of this internet community is books, personal cameraderie (and public news) aren't off-topic. To the contrary, acquainting people and whatever we might like to share is the mission; with books as a conversation starter in common. Thus even in my small group of 18 people so far, I occasionally share about myself, love it when you do the same, and report international news so that we can do what we can, to discuss it or send our love where it is needed. Anywhere we have a public platform that can send information, education, healing, and love: what better use for it?

What happened at Ariana Grande's concert in Manchester, north England last night was a solo attack by an ISIS member after all. Twenty-two people are dead, a fifteen year-old girl named OLIVIA is missing and her Mother has been asking hospitals any anyone with information to connect any dots they can to bring her daughter home.

Ariana has cancelled her world tour and is distressed at the senseless loss of twenty-two of her fans doing nothing but absorbing a night of joyous energy through a beloved artist's music. Two of the victims are children; the youngest an eight yera-old girl! These families, friends, and music-lovers need our healing, prayer, and strong energy. Let's send it to them now, each in our own way. I was happy to use my space to do that and report what happened, so these children and people do no go unnoticed.

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C.  (friends, please call me by name) (riedel) | 972 comments Mod
Goodness, this group isn't being checked much lately. Well, all I can do is persevere in leaving content at which to look. You may have seen the sad evening news that I just saw. Unfortunately the missing 15 year-old concert-goer, Olivia was found but she was not alive. She was killed by ISIS terrorists in Manchester, England too. I send my love to these people and am spreading this word on the social platform that I have, so you may send love too.

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C.  (friends, please call me by name) (riedel) | 972 comments Mod
Ariana could do nothing but return to Florida while investigations and medical care got underway but she has released a heartfelt statement and has found a way to help. In fact, she is organizing a benefit concert June 4 and is returning to Manchester next week! It must be a horror for people to be harmed at your gathering so there is healing for 23 year-old Ariana as well.

C.  (friends, please call me by name) (riedel) | 972 comments Mod
Happy birthday to my highest childhoold favourite, Corey Hart! I guess my fellow-trilingual Canadian is fifty-five today!

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