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Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War
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Ellen | 2051 comments Mary Roach has tackled some interesting subjects in her previous books: sex, ghosts, cadavers, digestion. This book focuses on the science behind what our soldiers wear, eat, survive and eliminate from their bodies. With her usual humorous footnotes, Roach once again throws herself into her subject matter. She spent several days on a nuclear submarine learning about survival techniques should the sub begin taking on water. In full combat gear, Mary tested the capacity of specialized noise muffling ear pads as she fired an M-16. She attended a delicate surgical procedure during which a soldier's genitals were reconstructed. Roach's books are always informative; I learn things I never thought were actual things to know: how the military has spent millions to develop a smell so awful that it could clear a room and bring dishonor and shame to the person unfortunate enough to be surreptitiously doused with the odor; maggots are medically beneficial wound cleaners; an efficient shark repellent is non-existent but most sharks aren't interested in humans anyway. This is another interesting book from Mary Roach and I hope she has many more subjects to delve into in the future.

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Joni | 599 comments Sounds interesting I may have to check out her books.

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Book Concierge (tessabookconcierge) | 5536 comments I've enjoyed three of her books; will have to look this one up.

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