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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA, teen boy has near drowning experience, goes on cruise w/family, sees ghost of girl who only speaks Spanish, faces fears of water [s]

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Rachel Eloise Conner (racheleloise) | 15 comments I am trying to find the Title of a book I read way back when. It was a young adult or children's book about a teenage boy who had a near drowning experience several years prior to when the story starts and so wanted nothing to do with water. His family drags him on a cruise and he does everything he can to avoid the water.

At night he starts seeing the ghost of a young girl who only speaks Spanish. He interacts with her and eventually is swimming at night in the pool with her even though he can't bring himself to enter the water during the day.

The cruise ship has a problem and nearly sinks if I recall correctly but the girl finds peace when a door knob from the original boat she was on sinks. She helps the boy through the night and eventually everyone is rescued.

He confesses to his dad his terror of water and they have a moment and his dad starts to help him face his fears and this is where the story gets it's happily ever after lol.

Any one read this before and know the title?

Much appreciated if you do!


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Rachel Eloise Conner (racheleloise) | 15 comments Oh my gosh! Thanks! That is it!

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Lobstergirl | 37538 comments Mod
Plot details added to header.

This could help future members searching for the same book.

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