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message 1: by Artie (new)

Artie Why (avanwhy) | 1 comments Can you recommend a self publishing company you had a good experience with? Do any of these companies have legit promotional packages?

message 2: by Craig (new)

Craig MacIntosh | 2 comments Artie, You could try WiseInk or Beaver's Pond Press, both located in the Twin Cities/Mpls. St. Paul, MN...I've worked with both. They can help with packages. There are a lot of similar outfits out there. Mac

message 3: by L. (new)

L. (talkplustell) | 1 comments I help authors self-publish by introducing them to the best editors and cover designers and the people who will help them publish a book that looks and feels professional and is designed for their target reader.
If you are interested, please feel free to contact me to learn more.

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