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we need to find out what you like to know what to write

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Hey. despite my profile pic, I am a Girl. I just love Nico diangelo, hes hilarious, but in a creepy way. and I love when they dropped the "He had a crush on percy" bombshell. Hecate is my favorite minor goddess (she should be a major tho) oh, and I love the second magnus chase book. plus, I mean, the whole Will and Nico dating thing was just adorable. my GF loves the kane chronicles most of all, and while I like that series, I prefer magnus chase.

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Nico is my fav to although hearthstones pretty close

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My favorite character has to be between Percy, Annabeth and, Frank

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Hello, I am Knotty Boi!

My favorite characters would have to be Brick.

Brick is the best demigod.

In all seriousness, my current favorite characters are the Pre-Walt Anubis and Nico. However, I do have a peeve with Anubis, he has a wife and children in mythology... Also I love Hekate.

I have some peeves when it comes to Riordan, like how he used Chaos(He uses the Roman Ovid's version, opposed to the original Orphic version, making HER, not him or it, the goddess of mortal air and mist, daughter of Moira/Ananke and Aeon/Chronos, and is not the first thing in existence!), the Soulmate myth excluding the lesbian and gay soulmates originally mentioned in The Symposium(Nico laments that the myth does not mention gays having soulmates, when, in fact, it does), his misuse of the Norse runes(Freyr's rune is Ing, not Fehu!), and Pandora's story(the evils were lesser gods/personifications/daemons, like Thanatos being death). Also the Christian God, at first he didn't exist(or something that shouldn't be dwelled on or something?), then Moses was a Egyptian mage(although on the wiki, it mentions the Christian God being more powerful than the Egyptians) and Jesus not showing up for his arm wrestling match with Thor. Rather not have the reveal that there is a monotheistic deity more powerful than the pagan ones as it would ruin the series for me.

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lol what godly parentage does he have

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He's the brick the Romans threw at Jason's head.

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oh hahaha I remember

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Knotty #1RICKRIORDANFAN wrote: "oh hahaha I remember"

In my Riordan groups, I'm going out of my way to fix the inaccuracies I listed above.

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Well done

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(Currently on the mobile app)

Thanks. Those groups are the main reason I joined Goodreads, to make a multi-group Riordanverse role play.

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me too

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I'm on Mac but me too

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Aaand I'm back on a laptop.

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