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May 2017: 2004 > Messenger - Lois Lowry - 4 stars

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Kelly | 769 comments In this third book of the Giver series, we mostly follow a boy called Matty. He had come to the Village when he was younger. The Village is surrounded by the Forest that does not allow many people to travel back and forth unharmed. Matty seems to have been accepted by the Forest and is able to come and go without trouble. Due to this he is often called on to deliver messages to other communities.

Many members of the Village originally came in search of a better life. All had been welcomed in the past. However, this has recently been changing and outsiders are being viewed differently. People have now been participating in trading and lose their good qualities as a result. Matty is aware of these shifts, but also sees special gifts or talents that a few have. He learns he too has a gift and must decide the best way to use it.

The author does a good job of showing Matty's confusion when he first discovers his gift. He does not understand it or its full value. Lowry's descriptions of the Forest are done well. The reader understands it's danger. Lowry has also added characters from earlier parts of the Giver series and has tried to use them to connect the stories. Overall I enjoyed this book.

Susie | 4488 comments I gave it the same rating Kelly. I haven't moved on to the next one yet though. I've heard it isn't great!

LibraryCin | 8012 comments See, and I liked the 4th one better than 2 and 3.

As I read your summary of this one, I don't even remember it. I do recall bits and pieces of book 2, though.

But, I may be in a minority for really liking the 4th book.

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