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Behati | 129 comments here we go!!

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Behati | 129 comments that would be perfect!! i should be around most of tomorrow so that works for me!

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Behati | 129 comments no problem at all i feel u on that!!
i think the first one sounds rlly fun and im thinkin the hitchhiker!
sounds good to me! im about to go on a run (it won't be v long bc cardio is not my thing) but once im back ill be ready to get started! how detailed do u usually make ur characters?

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Behati | 129 comments RIGHT omg don't get me started on chem i could rage for hours
i am so lazy and dramatic when it comes to stairs. i didn't actually run for that long i showered and everything hahah but im all free now!!
that's perfect!! are u okay if my guy has tattoos or would u prefer one without

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Behati | 129 comments lab is the worst im always the partner who never actually wants to do the experiment and always volunteers to record lmao
okay great!! he will be up shortly

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Behati | 129 comments
. name Kane Sikes
. age 23
. occupation manager of operations for a company that sells cars
. an image + face claim
face claim Tyler Seguin
height/weight 6'2/200 lbs
. personality Kane is the kind of guy you either love or hate. His maturity resembles that of a ten year old boy and sometimes it's hilarious and other times it's infuriating. Kane has a good sense of humor, he can take jokes and he can just as easily dish them out, too. His confidence is one of his more charming features, even with the hint of arrogance that's usually present. He's an outgoing soul who has a hard time turning down social events and alcoholic beverages. More than anything, though, Kane is laid-back. Whatever happens, happens.
. history Kane was born and raised just outside of Toronto. He is the youngest of three boys and was brought up by a single dad. Kane's parents got divorced when he was only a toddler, and his mother took that as her way out; Kane has only heard from her a handful of times during his life. Aside from an absent mother, Kane had a normal childhood. His father didn't make much money, but he made ends meet. Once Kane was 18, he moved to (current location) with a friend. He ended up getting in a serious relationship with a pretty, rich, low-key-crazy girl. And she is the exact reason he is fleeing now.

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Behati | 129 comments omg she is so perfect and beautiful!!!!
could you start? its not a big deal if you need me to though!!

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Behati | 129 comments <3333
i feel you starters are so hard but i commend you girlfrannnnn

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Behati | 129 comments
Kane was bad at planning. Like really bad. His plan to leave was born last week and every day over the last week had been removing some of his clothes and other belongings from the apartment he shared with his fiancé- God he hated that word- to his best friend’s house. To his credit, that part of the plan worked decently. And whenever Kane eventually settled down somewhere, his friend would ship his things over, that was easy enough. What wasn’t that easy, though? Getting to whatever new place.

So that explains why Kane was on the side of the road, sticking out his thumb whenever he saw the headlights of his car. He knew this wasn’t a great plan, but he hadn’t left many other choices. Taking a car would’ve made it too easy to find him again, and using public transport would get very expensive, very quickly. So that left hitch hiking.

Kane was starting to lose hope until a convertible pulled up alongside someone. He had never been so relieved to see a complete stranger in his life. “Yeah, is that alright?” he asked, but didn’t wait for an answer before opening her car door. “Thanks,” he said as he eased himself into the passenger seat. “I, uh, I don’t know where I’m going, I just need to leave.”

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Behati | 129 comments
”Well it seemed like you were inviting me in when you stopped so,” Kane said before he could remind himself to be nice to her, considering she was the first person to actually stop and talk to him. He had started hitchhiking while it was still light out. He hadn’t even realized how much time had really passed since he started. He was starting to get tired; standing for so long and constantly getting your hopes up will do that to you.

Kane didn’t know how to explain to her that he didn’t know where he was going without sounding crazy. Because, honestly, it was crazy. What was he doing? There were so many other adult ways to handle what he was going through but this seemed like his best option, somehow. Maybe he was attracted to the idea of starting over. He had done it when he was eighteen and he was going to do it again. It had been just as daunting back then and he made the most of it. He just kept telling himself it would work out.

“Fair enough,” Kane agreed when she told him she was giving him two options. It was so late at this point he couldn’t, reasonably, expect her to drive him somewhere way out of the way. And by that point, he was just so relieved to be in a car and going somewhere.

Every part of Kane wanted to pick the hotel option. He didn’t know her, she didn’t know him. But, since he had picked up his things and just left, including his job, he didn’t exactly have unlimited funds. He did bring his laptop with him, it was in the backpack he was currently wearing, so he could continue to do some work but that would only be sustainable for so long until he had to completely give up his current job. And she did offer, after all. “I promise not to kill you,” he started, “so I can go to your place?” How weird was all of this? “I’m Kane by the way.” If she was going to let him stay in her house, she at least got to know his name.

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