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((Info-Chan's workplace! Where she does all her hacking and stuff! Although no one knows this, on the outside, it's just a locked classroom with no key!))

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"Damned bastard. Fuckin' spoiling my god damned plans.." spat Usagi. She reached to her neck, running a hand over her collarbone, tracing it to the back of her neck where a thin golden chain was. She ripped it off her neck, leaving a thin, scalding red mark. Usagi gripped the chain, then held it out in front of her, finding the three keys that were attached. She used the keys, thrusting them into the key holes and unlocking the door. Usagi swung the door open, into the dark room, then slammed it shut, jamming the keys back into the locks and then threading them back into the chain. "Hey.." she said to Yuuto, raising an eyebrow slightly when she turned to see him sitting oddly in a spinning chair, eating noodles.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Yuuto could hear Usagi growling outside the door and with a soft sigh, he turned the chair he sat to face the classroom entrance. After slamming the door, Usagi found Yuuto sitting in a very odd position on a spinning desk chair, holding a cup-'o-noodles. Just after the loud slam, he ruined the silence by slurping up some noodles loudly, staring blankly at his childhood companion. "I'm guessing it didn't go well? You really are too reckless, Usa-chan," he teased with that signature, sinister smile of his spread across his eerily handsome face. Slurping up some more noodles, he turned the chair with one leg, again facing the computer screen he had been staring at before Usagi had walked in so noisily.

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((Sorry, phone died, couldn't charge it till this morning because we had no power:( ))

"That damned teacher..complicating things.." she pouted. Usagi walked over to the computer, pulling over her black spinning chair, taking a seat at her computer next to Yuuto. She reached back, yanking the hair tie out of her dyed hair. Her hair fell back to her shoulders, crimped slightly from the tight bun. Usagi pulled out a pack of gum, from a drawer under the desk that the computers were on, took a piece and popped it into her mouth. "Got any dirt on anyone?" she asked flatly. Usagi was still extremely pissed about her recent encounter with the teacher, but she knew she shouldn't take it out on Yuuto. Usagi let out a soft sigh, frowning slightly.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Yuuto, with his odd yellow irises reflecting the light of the computer screen like a cats, stared at Usagi out of the corner of his eye, to his right. He could tell that the thing with the teacher was still bothering her. Setting down his cup-'o-noodles carefully a ways away from his computer, he turned his chair so he was facing Usagi. "Y'know what I think?" he began, standing slowly. He leaned over her, one hand on her arm rest. With that sinister smile, he rested his left leg between both of hers, and trailed two fingers from his other hand up her stomach slowly. "I think you're too...tense." On the last word, he grabbed her necktie, jerking her harshly closer to him. He nestled his face against her neck, trailing his lips down her throat, but not exactly kissing her. Suddenly, the aura about him became dangerous. "Did you think that he was attractive? .... The teacher—did you find him attractive?" he asked, and though his voice was normal, though she could feel his smile intact, his grip on her tie became so tight that his hand started shaking.

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Usagi didn't respond at first. She pressed her lips together, forming a long line. Her gaze left Yuuto, trailing over to the wall, not daring to meet his gaze. His touch sent shivers throughout her body, although she couldn't decide if it was the good kind or not. The grip on her tie, digging into the flushed skin on the back of her neck, sending a slight burning sensation around the nape of her neck. When Yuuto asked if Usagi found the teacher attractive, her instant response was a stuttery "N-No...O-Of course..n-not.." Usagi shifted her gaze to the floor, still not meeting his gaze. She let out a slow, heavy breath, her gaze darting from the floor, to the wall, then slowly meeting his own. What Usagi had said, was indeed, a lie. Of course she found him somewhat attractive, although there was no way she'd ever admit that to Yuuto, or anyone else for that matter.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Yuuto pulled back just enough to look at her when she met his gaze. Despite the pained furrowing of his eyebrows, he still grinned, leaning back down toward her. His cheek brushed against hers, and then he whispered in her ear, "Liar." The hand gripping her tie loosened the accessory and then slowly unbuttoned the top two buttons on Usagi's blouse. It slid onto her skin, gliding up her neck, not gripping it but definitely threatening her. "You hurt me, Usa-chan. All I am is faithful to you. I get you snacks, I help you blackmail people. My whole existence upon entering this school was for you. I come here for you. And...and then you lie to me?" His hand clamped hard around her throat and he pulled back to show her the terrifying smile on his face. "You're cruel, Usa-chan."

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Terror spread throughout her body. The feeling of hands gripped tightly around her neck was very, very familiar. It scared her, the feeling of guilt and anger surged through her body, from the reminder of what her father used to do to her. Soon, the feeling became too much as she was gasping for air. "S-Stop..Yuuto..p-please.." she tried to say. True terror was upon her. And she wasn't one to show it, Usagi could be held at gun point, not even a single trace of fear could be seen on her.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) "Then tell me the truth!" Yuuto snarled, his smile gone for a split second and then returning wider than before. "You've known me long enough, Usa-chan, don't you think I'm worthy of seeing terror on your face?" He giggled like a child, squeezed her neck harder for a moment, and then released her. His hands instead cupped her cheeks, his thumbs brushing under her eyes as if trying to soothe her. "Tell me again, Usa-chan. Did you find that teacher attractive?" His voice was dangerously low, a sign that if she told the truth, Minato would be punished, but if she lied, his wrath would focus on her.

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((Sort of busy right now. Trying to finish some characters.))

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) (Wait, why am I not a mod anymore?)

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((In this group?))

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((You weren't a mod, we closed the application thing a long time ago))

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) (Wait, yes I was? Wait? Was that the other group then? Shit... My brain is still on sleep mode...)

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) (Are you gonna reply yet, or...?)

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((I will reply when I have time, alright? I'm currently quite busy and have a bunch of charities to finish))

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Usagi growled through clenched teeth. She reached up, gripping both of his wrists tightly, just barely digging her nails into his flesh. Usagi yanked his hands from her face, releasing the tight grip. "You know what? I found him the slightest bit attractive. Not enough to ever feel any kind of attraction to him. What are you going to do about it?!" She spat, twitching slightly. Usagi wasn't even phased by her actions. She knew the consequences of angering Yuuto, but Usagi didn't care. How dare he lay his hands on her like that. The feeling of her throat tightening, being crushed by strong hands brought back too many unpleasant memories from her childhood. No one was allowed to do that to her, she'd make sure they'd pay. Usagi couldn't bring herself to do anything to Yuuto, despite how angry she was at him.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Yuuto luckily ignored her physical act against him, but his wide, insane eyes and eerie smile said it before he verbally could. "I'm going to go make him less attractive," he giggled, as if that were obvious. He gave Usagi's cheek a loving stroke as if he hadn't just had his hands ripped away so roughly, as if he didn't have nail-shaped bruises already forming on his wrists. "Of course, it'll be more convenient to do so after classes are over, so we'll have to find a way to spend our time together. He'll probably be with another student again as well, so you can come along if you wanna gather more evidence to hold against him."

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"Christ, Yuuto. Do you want to get expelled?!" She barked at him. She smacked his hand away, still extremely pissed. "Yuuto. He knows. We could get expelled. And there is no way I'm getting expelled." Usagi was fuming, using every ounce of self control she had from not picking up the desk chair and slamming it into the computers. "There will be no messing up anyone. Got it?! I've worked too hard for this. It's not going to be messed up by a foolish mistake." She snapped, then sighed, rubbing her temples out of annoyance.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Yuuto flinched when Usagi snapped at him, though anger quickly replaced the shock on his face. It was difficult for him to adjust to a normal life, after living most of his life on the street, working a dangerous job. He was a big ignorant to the ways of a "normal" rich person's life. "Whatever," he growled, pulling away. He stomped over to his chair, turning so his right side was to Usagi. It seemed that he was pouting, but it was evident that he was confused. What was so wrong with putting a terrible person in his place? He seemed oblivious to the fact that Usagi had done just that to him.

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Usagi rolled her eyes, then exhaled sharply. She stormed over to her desk and snatched her fraying black hoodie from the chair. Usagi pulled it over her head, pushing the hood back to reveal her hair all frizzed up from the static electricity. She patted it down, although a few strands stood up. "I'm going to the vending machines. Want anything?" she asked, her voice still cold.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) With his shoulders curled upward defensively, Yuuto shook his head. "N-no thanks," he muttered. He pulled himself closer to the table, toward his computer, curling his legs up on his chair. It took some effort to not insist on going with her, or asking her to get him a Crunch bar, but he managed to keep quiet. His brows were still furrowed, his lips still turned down in a confused frown, but he got back to work instead of asking Usagi what he wanted to and risking pissing her off even more.

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Usagi shrugged, turning away from Yuuto and back to the door. She turned the handle, cringing at the screeching noise it made. Usagi slipped silently into the hallway, closing the door softly. She was able to make it down to the cafeteria unnoticed, seeing that class was still going on. There were a collection of old vending machines on one side, hardly used by any students, but they were still kept stocked just in case. Usagi slipped some change into the machine, watching the little screen light up. She pressed the keypad, for a can of double shot coffee with extra caffeine, and some Takis. An odd combination, but who really cared. Usagi collected her change and swiped the items from the vending machine. She then began making her way back to the classroom.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) By the time Usagi made it back to the room, Yuuto was spinning in his chair, some files downloading on the computer screen. When she entered the room, he came to a slow stop and turned away from her to face the desk again. "I'm sorry...about before...," he mumbled, his head resting on his knee's, his legs pulled up on the chair. He ran an uncomfortable hand through his hair only to pull his hood on to hide his face. "I don't...have any excuse... I'm sorry." Of course, he could say that he was just acting on jealousy, on his desire to keep Usagi all to himself, but he didn't. He knew well that she wouldn't appreciate him trying to come up with reasons for what he did, not that his reasons really excused what he had done in the first place.

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Usagi slipped inside and softly closed the door. She rolled her eyes, then responded with "Just stop, alright? It's fine. So don't get all mushy on me." She said, the slightest hint of a smile on her face. She was still a bit shaken up, but that really didn't matter. Usagi walked over to her desk, falling into her chair. She rapidly clicked the power button of her laptop. All of a sudden, her phone started buzzing. Usagi froze up, dreading checking who it might be, although she knew exactly who it was. Her mother.

Crazy-Person [HairyFurnaceDemon] (hairy_furnace_demon) Yuuto watched Usagi carefully from around the hem of his hood, narrowing his eyes a bit when she froze up. There was little in the world that could ever make her react so intensely. He'd found out that he was one of those things a few weeks ago, but he'd already known about her mother. As silent and non-threatening as possible, he slid out of his chair and onto the floor. Crawling over to the girl and carefully resting his head on her lap. The way he looked up at her, his hood now a bit pushed back, was like a loyal dog who only wanted to check on his master while she was not feeling her strongest. Despite the blank look on his face, his eerie yellow eyes somehow became shimmery and soft with emotion. He nuzzled his face lovingly against Usagi's thigh, then shifting a bit so he could press against her stomach, wrapping his arms around her waist. Nothing about him, for the moment, seemed dangerous.

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