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Randall Moore (goodreadscomrandall_moore) | 37 comments Faithless Heart follows a flawed character who serves as a military policeman in occupied Japan, then transferring to the mainland where he has a stint with LAPD, finally joining an ex-partner in a private detective agency in the 50s.
Business with the studios is brisk, enriching himself and his partner. A criminal conspiracy confronts them while he finds himself driven by lust and desire for a woman not his wife. After making a lot of bad choices he's given a chance at redemption and revenge. The choices he makes will be fateful and will change both his life and the lives of the women he loves.

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Randall Moore (goodreadscomrandall_moore) | 37 comments If you're interested in reading and reviewing my novel provide me with an email address and I will send you a PDF.

Randall Moore

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