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message 1: by Devin (new)

Devin Lee (indieinsomniac) | 64 comments Mod
Alright we're almost two weeks out from June. So Here's a call to you guys, any suggestions for the group pick for June? And come to think of it, is there a couple of suggestions, cause July and August aren't far away either.
I do have an idea for July, but I'm going to wait and see if you guys have some other ideas first.

message 2: by Lena_makridina (new)

Lena_makridina | 33 comments Eternal Frontier by Anthony J. Melchiorri; Supercarrier by Scott Bartlett; Behemoth by John Walker. All three of them have a spaceship on the cover:) The last two have pretty mixed ratings.

message 3: by Lena_makridina (new)

Lena_makridina | 33 comments So what is it going to be? What are we reading in June?

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