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message 1: by Nicola (last edited May 21, 2017 01:11AM) (new)

Nicola (nikki-lou) | 2115 comments

The lovely Sunniva Dee author of Pandora Wild Child , Adrenaline Crush, Leon's Way, Shattering Halos and more and the fab Alyson Santos author of Night Shifts Black , Tracing Holland, Traitor are both here taking your questions. This talented duo have joined together in co writing the awesome Sylvie + Shandor. Leave your questions for them below

message 2: by Brittany (new)

Brittany (blkel14) | 78 comments Hi Sunniva & Alyson!
Does music play a role in your writing process? Do you create playlists for each book you write?

Alyson Santos | 2 comments Hi Brittany! I've been a musician since I was five, so for me, music plays a huge role in my writing, as well as my life. I try to infuse my rocker books with my experience as a musician and the impact music had/has on my life, both on and off the stage.

I've always dreamed of combining my passions of writing and music and had the chance to do it in a literal way last year. With the help of my brother who's also a musician, we brought the theme song of Night Shifts Black, "Greetings from the Inside," to life (

I also have playlists on Spotify for both of my rocker books:
Night Shifts Black:

Tracing Holland:

Thanks for the great question!

Sunniva Dee Oh, yes! I'm not a musician like Alyson, but there's nothing like writing to music. I swear, my scenes change according to the song if I'm not careful. Because of it, Spotify playlists are awesome. I've named most of my playlists according to the book, and I usually start collecting tunes while I do my mental prep before the writing begins. Once I'm ready, I play that list to exhaustion, all the way through the editing process of the book. So yes, long story short: music is everything. Besides writing... ;-)

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