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message 1: by Scerina (new)

Scerina Elizabeth (lisascerina79) I am looking for a professional or close to professional (aka really good) editor who can edit and proofread my books.

I have three books due out I the next three months. I have an editor for the first one which is released on June 6th but I need an editor for the two books following my first. One is due to be released on the 4th of July and the other one is due to be released on the 16th of August.

Here is the thing, I am currently flat broke and unemployed. I understand those who are true genuine professional editors and proofreaders require some kind of cash payment. But I am willing to pay in other ways - promote your editing and proofreading business on my site as well as acknowledge you within my books. If you are an author who is looking for book promotions as well as book reviews or beta reading - I will be more than happy to review, promote, or beta read as a form of payment.  Whatever you need doing (as long as it is related to your editing and proofreading services or author or book), - I will do as a form of payment.

But if you edit and proofread for free. If you are a professional or really good editor or proofreader and wanna help me out - please contact me. I would be truly grateful and appreciative to anyone who is willing to help me out in editing and proofreading my books.

message 2: by Robin (new)

Robin (rockin_robin) | 79 comments If you don't have anyone for the other books, I'll offer my services. I'm an avid reader and I have strong skills in spelling, grammar and punctuation, so my proof-reading skills are solid. I have dabbled with writing in a variety of fiction and non-fiction genres, although I'm not a professional author. I've read a number of books that I felt showed promise but the proof-reading/editing really ruined the book for me so I understand how important it is. I've thought off and on about offering editing services as a side endeavor in addition to my full-time job (usually when I'm reading a book that's been badly proofed/edited). I'd like to suggest that I offer proof-reading and editing on your book for free in exchange for some guidance from you on your experience with professional editors and your opinion on my skills as an editor/proof-reader. If I do a good job, you can let your friends and colleagues know and I can get my toe in the door to a possible side career for myself. You can check my profile to see that I read a wide variety of books, both erotica and general so the content isn't an issue.

message 3: by Jenna (new)

Jenna | 20 comments I don't want this to sound like criticism or snark because that's surely not my intent. But have you considered holding your releases until you can afford professional editing? Proofreading and editing is beyond valuable, (it only takes a few "poorly edited" comments on Goodreads and Amazon to kill your sales) and I would want any editor I hire to be as invested in my success as I am, and asking someone to work for free (for something that is so labor intensive) makes me wonder if you'd ever get someone's best work. (The old "you get what you pay for" adage, and all) Asking other authors and avid readers for a beta read makes good sense. But proofreading and editing is best left to professionals. That's just my honest opinion as an avid reader and author assistant. Take it or leave it. No disrespect intended. I do wish you the best of luck!

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