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Silencia (silenciadelumbrae) | 98 comments Time to actually start keeping track of my goals, I guess. Goodreads says 15, but odds are good I'll end up a little higher than that. So, time to start tracking! I'll just start counting from the last one I posted about. Too lazy to track farther back than that.

All of these will be new to me, so I might be live-typing my reactions sometimes. Apologies in advance.

1. Survive the Night
2. The Color of Evil
3. Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death, and Brain Surgery
4. Blood on the Beach
5. The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog: And Other Stories from a Child Psychiatrist's Notebook
6. Fakes: An Anthology of Pseudo-Interviews, Faux-Lectures, Quasi-Letters, "Found" Texts, and Other Fraudulent Artifacts

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Silencia (silenciadelumbrae) | 98 comments Survive the Night by Danielle Vega

Blah. While I gave it 2 stars in my original review, I worry now that I might have been a little generous. Its only saving grace for me is that it was short.

The ideas were there, I could see them! But they just didn't quite reach fruition. For a horror novel, it was unbearably boring. It was more of a coming-of-age novel, which has its place on my shelf and all. But when you're promising me good gory fun, I don't like to be bait-and-switched.

Ah well. On to the next, and crossing my fingers it's better than this one.

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Silencia (silenciadelumbrae) | 98 comments The Color of Evil by David G. Hartwell

I like this one! Which is great because usually horror anthologies get a "meh" at best out of me.

This book is almost like a textbook, with analysis of each story and its author in the foreword. Somehow Hartwell manages to do this without spoilers; this in itself earned the book an extra star.

It's covering only the biggest names and strongest influences on the horror genre; this was sort of an issue for me since I like my anthologies to introduce me to new authors I might not read otherwise. But hey, it's a small complaint, and I still give the anthology a solid 4 stars.

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Silencia (silenciadelumbrae) | 98 comments Do No Harm Stories of Life, Death, and Brain Surgery by Henry Marsh

Oh, I like this one. Sometimes the author comes off a little pretentious but when you spend your life digging around in people's brains, I guess that's a liability of the job. He spends a lot of time talking about the ones that went wrong, to his credit--he's not using the book to brag about how good he is at what he does.

If you're interested in the medical field or in having a doctor look after you someday, I highly recommend it! It's very British but I feel his issues with bureaucracy will resonate everywhere, sigh.

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Lisa Grønsund (gullita) | 3261 comments Good luck with your goal, Silencia! :)

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Silencia (silenciadelumbrae) | 98 comments Thank you! So far, so good!

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Silencia (silenciadelumbrae) | 98 comments Blood on the Beach by Sarah N. Harvey

This one has all kinds of things that I love. Locked room mystery! Canadian setting! Adorable girlfriends!

It's Orca, so it's one of those low vocabulary high interest books, but it really is adorable, and a quick fun read. I highly recommend it for when you're stuck on the plane and don't want to think too hard.

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Silencia (silenciadelumbrae) | 98 comments Fakes An Anthology of Pseudo-Interviews, Faux-Lectures, Quasi-Letters, "Found" Texts, and Other Fraudulent Artifacts by David Shields

Okay I know I skipped 5, I'll get back to him I promise. In the meantime, meet my cute little language-nerd buddy here. I got it for three bucks in the Remainder bin and I think the store got robbed--this book is adorable. Highly recommend it if you're a writer looking for a new way to be creative, and also highly recommend it if you're a nerd about words and the weird ways they can work!

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