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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA/Fantasy Novel about 3 siblings who board a plane, fall asleep, and wake up in a "perfect" world [s]

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message 1: by Najee (last edited May 20, 2017 06:12PM) (new)

Najee Rodriguez | 1 comments I read a book in 2009-2010, and the genre was a mixture of fantasy and YA. It was about three siblings who have family troubles, and they board a plane late at night and eventually fall asleep mid flight. When they wake up, nobody is on the plane, and they get off of the plane into this empty airport. Someone appears and directs them to a car and drives them to their "house" where their mom and dad are. Except it isn't their real mom and dad. Everything is perfect in this new world that they flew into, compared to their flawed life in the real world. It's basically a utopia and the children soon discover that not everything's perfect in the world that they somehow traveled to. That's all I remember of the book. I think the illustration of the cover was a plane window with a stopwatch flying outside of the window. I also remember that one of the characters, I think one of the sisters, was nicknamed Mouse. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

message 2: by Sherri (new)

Sherri | 74 comments This is "No Passengers Beyond this Point" by Gennifer Choldenko.

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Kate Farrell | 4072 comments Mod
Najee, was Sherri's suggestion your book? Please let us know. If yes, we'll shelve the book and mark it Solved. If no, we'll keep looking.

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Lobstergirl | 37806 comments Mod
No response from Najee but from reading detailed reviews it sounds like the right book. Moving to Solved.

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