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message 1: by Blaque (new)

Blaque Diamond (blaquediamondbooks) | 76 comments I am looking for opinions on my book trailer. I have never done one before so this is new territory for me. I don't know how to embed the video so I am posting my dropbox link. I hope that is OK.

message 2: by Frances (new)

Frances Fletcher | 46 comments I have never seen a book trailer before and do not understand their function, but I liked yours. The music and visuals were peaceful and served as a nice background to read the story synopsizes.
I didn't see an action click-button though. A website or link to where I can buy the book.

message 3: by Blaque (new)

Blaque Diamond (blaquediamondbooks) | 76 comments The book isn't out yet. I am making last-minute preparations. It won't be out until June 16. I had someone to make this for me and I wanted to get opinions before I excepted it. Since I am blind I can't view it for myself so I have to ask others.

message 4: by Blaque (new)

Blaque Diamond (blaquediamondbooks) | 76 comments Also I wanted to add a book trailer is for promotional and marketing purposes.

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