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The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
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2017 > The Tenant of Wildfell Hall: Week Three

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Marie Williams | 713 comments Mod
Helen soon realizes her marriage to Arthur is not what she imagined it would be. She takes solace in their son during his long absences and drinking binges, until a secret shatters what was left of her hopes.

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Piyangie The miseries Helen go through starts to detail from here. Although it is done in a blunt preachy style, I still liked the sincere and touching description of varying emotions that Helen undergoes. It was all Helen's fault to bring on such a situation on herself, marrying a rake against the warnings of others, but rather than submitting to her fate, she decides to fight it; if it is not to her benefit, at least for her son.

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Marie Williams | 713 comments Mod
I thought you all might enjoy this since we were discussing Charlotte's censorship of Anne's writing after her death. It reads very similar to most of the things I've heard about Charlotte.


Piyumi | 57 comments Thanks Marie for this article. As I said, its a real shame, but again sibling rivalry is nothing new. This article was a good read. It also brings up one point that always gets me, how women ultimately run women down :(

Piyangie Oh my god! I could not believe this. Then again jealousies do exist even within family. But I didn't expect that in Bronte sisters. My good opinion on Charlotte is now a little marred.

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