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How do I deal with them? The first few times nearly killed me, because I enjoyed writing myself in the stories to be with my characters.

Here's a few things that helps me kill WritersBlocks.

My way of killing WritersBlocks:
Watch your favorite movies (Me: *goes on YouTube to watch certain Marvel movies*)

Listen to your favorite music (Me: *listens to Skillet and Red*)

Look at the APPROPRIATE Internet photos (Me: *looks up Ghost Towns, Abandoned places, Mountains with forests, Favorite bands, Favorite movies, ect.)

Read books. (Me: *reads a ton of mystery books*)

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

I agree with listening to music. Also, I usually:
Sit and think about my writing when there's nothing else to do.
Force myself to write!!! This is hard, but it really helps.
Ask for advice on GR.
Re-read some of the good, constructive critiques I've already gotten.

message 3: by Planted (new)

Planted Word (planted_word_magazine) | 1 comments I really like your idea of looking at pictures to spark creativity. I've tried listening to music, and watching movies usually makes me want to sit down and write, but looking at pictures is something I never thought of before. Great suggestion! :)

message 4: by C.B. (new)

C.B. Cook (cbcook) | 5 comments I usually go and do something else. I seem to get really good inspiration while I'm doing the dishes. :)

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Thanks. It's how I normally kill WritersBlock.

@Nina, I also love "The Avengers" (2012) movie!

message 6: by Medomfo (new)

Medomfo | 1 comments I deal with Writers block by reading, watching TV, listening to music and being active, e.g playing a board game, playing my instruments etc.

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