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message 1: by Michael (new)

Michael Buchler | 130 comments This post is about the balance of the universe. They said in the beginning there were those 6 Primaries: 3 Dark, 3 Light. They balanced each other out, since the Universe needs both Dark & Light to exist.

My theory is that those 6 were stepping stones. They were opposites in every way (e.g. Verlyn and Azura = Earth and Water. Rezar and Braith = Fire and Air. Cam and Noir = Day and Night). My thinking is that the Source (which kind of is the universe) can only create pure beings, either Good or Evil, which means anything it creates will always be both in balance and in conflict - not the most sustainable method of survival.

That's what lead me to think that the Source wants the two sides to mix and match, since beings born of both sides are automatically balanced; no need for them to go to war like the Kalosum and Mavromino did. Another thing that I think supports that theory is how fricking powerful those born to both sides are. Look at Ash, Thorn, Nick, Cade, etc. Every time a being is born to both sides, he/she is much more powerful than either parent. This could be because they draw strength from both sides of their heritage or it could be because that is the state the Source wants them to be in. If everyone was born of Light and Dark, there *theoretically* wouldn't be such a war like the Primus Bellum.

Another thing that I think leads credence to this is how "wrong" Rezar and Braith are. Compared to say Cam, Rezar is actually evil. Compared to Noir, Braith is a saint. Yet Rezar and Braith are opposites.

If this were the case, it could explain a few things, like why the Sephirii were forbidden to mate with gods. It was a rule that both the Mavromino and the Kalosum agreed on (which doesn't happen very often). Since the Mavromino isn't big on morals, I'd say it has to do with survival; Whenever a being is born of Light and Dark, he or she makes them less relevant.

This leads me to the following conclusions:
1. The Kalosum and the Mavromino weren't supposed to exist. They were to mingle and give birth to truly balanced beings.
2. Both the K and M are fighting to remain relevant; This could be why they killed Rubati and cursed Monakribos with the black blood thing; It ensured that he stopped being balanced (even though it meant a 100% chance of him fighting against them). This could also explain their treatment of Xev, Caleb, etc.

This in turn leads me to make the following predictions:
1. There will be a Secundus Bellum
2. This war will be started by the Mavromino when Noir and Azura break free.
3. There will be 3 sides to this war: The Kalosum, Mavromino and the Usumgallu. We can already see how Nick subconsciously balanced his generals (Caleb, Xev and Nick are inherently balanced, Kody (light) balances Dagon (son of the god of darkness) and Nashira (wisdom) balances Aeron (war).

P.S. mind the spelling please, I wrote this on my phone.

Malachaibubble12 | 555 comments Oh don't worry about the your spelling I didn't even see any errors! And OMG I LOVE your theory. I've never considered that range of why the Primals were created in the first place. The plot for that makes so much sense as well!

Another thing is that it sounds just like Sherri to put in the plot for us realizes that no one is strictly good or evil. We all both have light and dark in us and in knowing each side and how they influence are actions ultimately makes us stronger. So that in knowing ourselves and in realizing that others both have light and dark as well we can try to make wiser decisions in our life, whether for ourselves or others.

message 3: by Bren (new)

Bren (brencl94) | 415 comments Michael wrote: "This post is about the balance of the universe. They said in the beginning there were those 6 Primaries: 3 Dark, 3 Light. They balanced each other out, since the Universe needs both Dark & Light to..."

That's a great theory, one I really hadn't thought much of.

I agree with your first and third point that a new war is coming and that there will be more than the two original sides. I think the third side will be the balance for the other two.

message 4: by [deleted user] (last edited May 20, 2017 06:26PM) (new)

The third would probably be Nick and his allies, his generals, Jared, Ash and the other Dark Hunters, and possibly his brother and the dream hunters, maybe the hell chasers (keep in mind this is just a theory)

the Dark might be... I think I spelled his name wrong (view spoiler).

The light might be... I honestly don't know.

message 5: by Michael (new)

Michael Buchler | 130 comments The Arelim/Seraphim for the light?

message 6: by Marie (last edited May 21, 2017 06:50AM) (new)

Marie | 1447 comments When I think of the upcoming war, I actually imagine that there would be 4 sides to it. The Kalosum and the Mavromino, for light and dark. And then there would be the side of Nick and his allies, who are neutral by comparison as they try to maintain the balance between those two sides. And then there would be their enemies who are actively seeking to unbalance stuff (the Kalosum and the Mavromino are just looking to defeat one another, so "unbalance" isn't their goal so much as a by-product of their goal). That fourth side would include the rogue Arelim as well as Cyprian and his allies.

They wouldn't necessarily work together for Unbalance, but as a cosmic balance to Nick's side, they would fit. Light and Dark working to end the world as a counterbalance to Nick's side where Light and Dark work to preserve balance and the world.

Nick's side will probably end up in some level of conflict with the Kalosum and Mavromino too, just because his purpose is to stop either side from winning over the other. But his direct enemy would still be the Unbalance side. A little like how Dark Hunters a theoretically in conflict with any creature who prey on humans but their enemies remain Daimons.

message 7: by Adam (new)

Adam (doward) | 165 comments Dude your theory is awesome! i think it makes total sense for there to be a second war. I agree with the 3 sides idea as well

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

How it's looking so far, everything seems to be going in that direction (and it seems like it's going to come up soon, but that could just be the vibe I'm getting).

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