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Adrian Ferrer (adrianferrer) I'm giving my own book a 5 stars rating, but before anyone can question me about this, please give me the opportunity to explain.

This is not about my talent, writing style or creativity. This is about the discovery I've made, which is inside this book. It is not something invented by me, it's actually an old thesis held by ancient scholars, I claim no merit for inventing anything, I'm just a humble researcher. So, please don't take this as self-promotion and let me clarify.

How can I argue with people and convince them that there is something really BIG inside this book? How can I convince people that I'm not being fancy just for the sake of marketing purposes? There are many conspiracy theorists claiming to have made great discoveries and many of them lack credibility. How can I convince people that I'm not one of them?

Angel of Death is the result of 12 years of study and even more time of questioning on 2000 years of religion by myself.

This book is the synthesis of the huge puzzle I've been tangled inside since my teens. I've always questioned about the apparent contradictions of the Christian religion. I've always asked how is it possible that the deeds and 'personality' of the god presented in the sacred scriptures of the Old Testament can be so different from Jesus' teachings in the New Testament. How can the god of the first part of the Bible be so vengeful, jealous, cruel and brutal, while Jesus came with a message of love and forgiveness? Nevertheless, the Church tells us that they are Father and Son.

Like many others who came across such questions, I flirted with Atheism when I was a pre-teen, but, inside me, something refused to accept the explanation that everything about religion was just fantasy created by men. Since then, intuition has told me that there was more, so I began my journey, looking for answers.

My book tells something different from what we heard inside churches and when I finally found the answer to this millennial question, a big breakthrough happened in my life, involving everything I knew about Christianity and my spiritual path, which changed me forever.

My thesis states that there is no contradiction in the Christian religion, and Jesus really came to set us free from something, but that 'something' is not what the Church tells us. The god of the Old Testament is not who they say he is, and his real identity must be revealed.

I believe that light must be thrown on modern man’s doubts about Good and Evil, to put at stake the long-standing practice of ignoring how often and how markedly Evil comes from the very source we go after for Good. It is about time.

I'm Adrian Ferrer and I'm not here to praise myself as a writer, but if you believe me and read what is written inside my book, you may find the answer for that which is perhaps the greatest religious mystery of our era and there is a good chance that your view about Christianism will change, once and for all.

Angel of Death by Adrian Ferrer

Contact me if you want a FREE copy in exchange for an honest review.

Rosemary (grooving with the Picts) (nosemanny) | 9070 comments Hello Adrian - I am moving this to our Meet the Authors section which is more appropriate

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Adrian Ferrer (adrianferrer) Rosemary (grooving with the Picts) wrote: "Hello Adrian - I am moving this to our Meet the Authors section which is more appropriate"

Thank you! And sorry for the mess.

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