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message 1: by Scarlett (new)

Scarlett | 1 comments I am trying to find a book but hours of searching google have brought me no help. In it, two children a boy and a girl, both quite unpopular, find a lot of money under a floorboard in an abandoned house, which they assume was put there by robbers. They agree to share it out and both go home. The girl uses the money to buy sweets and gifts for her peers, earning her many friends. However her mum and stepdad find the hidden money and the girl is scared. She and the boy run away with the money for some reason. They go to a train station where I distinctly remember her pretending to be his older sister in her late teens. First I think they went to a seaside hotel run by a nice old woman and are quite happy there but when they try to make a phonecall in a phone booth, a policeman finds them. They get scared and run away again, with the girl having to cut her hair causing her much distress. Then they go to a camping shop on a bus with a nosy old lady and I think they pretend to be ill. Then, they hide in someones camper van and as soon as it arrives, they jump out. They buy bikes and try to go over a hill, which is steep on one side and gentle on the other, where they find a beautiful meadow where they camp and hide their food in some ferns. Then when they have a fight, when the girl has to go over the hill in the rain to get more food, she breaks her wrist. I remember them bandeging it and using the water of a nearby stream. Then they go to a forest and find a boy who's father owns the land. He wants to run away too but I have no reccolection of what happens after that exept I think they end up returning home. I have spent a long time looking for it, as I remember this as a childhood favourite and I can remember most of the plot but not the name of the book or characters. Any help would be most appriciated.

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J.S. (jsedge) | 58 comments https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2...

I loved this one too :)

Jo x

message 3: by Kate (last edited Aug 04, 2017 10:44PM) (new)

Kate Farrell | 4072 comments Mod
Scarlett, was Joanne's suggestion your book? You gave such great details! Please let us know if that was your book. If yes, we'll shelve it and mark it Solved. If no, we'll keep looking.

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Ayshe | 4118 comments Joanne's suggestion's: The Runaways - link for "Books mentioned in this topic"

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Lobstergirl | 37562 comments Mod
Kate wrote: "Scarlett, was Joanne's suggestion your book? "

No response in 2+ years. Moving to Abandoned.

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