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annapi | 4911 comments This last book in the series tells the story of Claire, a contemporary of Jonas in the strange community we are introduced to in Book 1. She is assigned to be a "Vessel" at age 13, carried a "Product" at 14, whose birth had complications which relegated her to work at the fishery. She is unusual in that she secretly harbors feelings for the son she gave birth to, and volunteers at the center where the children are cared for. We see the choosing of Jonas from her point of view, and later when Jonas escapes from the community with her child, she attempts to follow and winds up on board a ship. When a storm breaks she falls overboard and washes up ashore in another isolated community with no memory of her origins.

This started out as a solid 4 star book in the first part. In part 2 where Claire is recovering from her near drowning, the story slows down to a boring pace. In part 3 when she finally arrives at Jonas's village several years after the events of book 3, it starts to pick up again with Gabe's story. But the ending, which is the final battle against the evil of the Trademaster, was a total disappointment for me. It was simplistic and IMO just lame after the buildup of the 3 previous books, and could not elevate this above 3 stars for me. I don't regret reading this series, but it's best left to its target audience of children and young teens.

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Karin | 6926 comments I found this series started at its best and gradually got worse book by book but then there was a sudden drop with very disappointing one.

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