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message 1: by Mystery (new)

Mystery Weekly (mysteryweekly) | 30 comments Mod
Share your short mysteries having fewer than 250 words here! Many of us have submitted to the EQ mysterious photo contest, so I imagine there are thousands of micro-stories just going to waste.

Authors of the top 2 stories posted by August 1st will win $10 and have their story published in our popular newsletter. If few than 10 entries are received, we'll push the deadline back...

Feel free to discuss or comment on submissions, but not criticize unless the author requests it.

message 2: by Abigail (new)

Abigail Shepherd (abiwriting) | 10 comments Should they be previously unpublished?

message 3: by Mystery (new)

Mystery Weekly (mysteryweekly) | 30 comments Mod
Hi Abigail,

As long as the original publisher doesn't mind. I just enjoy reading a good story!

message 4: by Abigail (new)

Abigail Shepherd (abiwriting) | 10 comments I'm not sure how much of a mystery this is, but I hope you all enjoy it! Here goes:

The police were on the street outside all morning. They strung up blue and white tape and warned everyone away, but they didn't notice me. I could have told them what happened last night. I saw it all. The angry girl striding away. The man catching up with her, grabbing her arm. The heated argument. The final lashing out, ending with her lying there, so still. Him running off. And me, just watching, unable to break through my glass barrier.
I could have told them. But no one really sees a mannequin in a shop window.

message 5: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 2 comments Nice ending, Abigail. It IS a mystery and a crime. Good story.

message 6: by Abigail (new)

Abigail Shepherd (abiwriting) | 10 comments Thanks so much Melissa!

message 7: by Mystery (new)

Mystery Weekly (mysteryweekly) | 30 comments Mod
I like it! Thanks for posting.

message 8: by Abigail (new)

Abigail Shepherd (abiwriting) | 10 comments Thank you! For some reason a few words seem to be missing in the last sentence, I've noticed that a few times in Goodreads comments. Oh well!

message 9: by Ralph (new)

Ralph | 4 comments "Not Today" (250 words)

When Kay found the apartment door open, she entered anyway. They were waiting, a man and woman, both dressed in black.

“No scream.” The woman grabbed Kay’s throat. “No sound, bitch.”

Kay nodded.

“She got nothing.” The man dropped a drawer. “Ask her about money.”

For the first time, Kay noticed her apartment was a shambles. The man was right. What little she owned was strewn across the floor. Not much to show for a life no one cared about, a life no one would miss.

The woman gripped tighter. “You got money?”

Kay pulled a billfold from her jeans and dropped it. The woman scrabbled after the wallet, tossing it to the man.

“Nine bucks. That it?”

Kay nodded.

He pocketed the money, then went to the refrigerator. He saw a lonely bottle of wine. Kay had hoped refrigeration would make it taste better. He popped the plastic cap, took a long swig, made a face and handed it to the woman.

“Tastes like crap, but better than nothing.”

They drank the bottle dry, then started out the door.

“Squeal, you die,” the woman said. “Understand?”

Kay nodded. She peeked out the window, watched them cross the courtyard. They stopped, grabbed their stomachs, and fell writhing. Their screams sliced the air. It looked painful, Kay thought. Agonizing. Not at all what she had expected.

She looked at the empty bottle. Arsenic had been a poor choice, another in a lifetime of poor choices. Maybe sleeping pills.

But not today.

message 10: by Abigail (new)

Abigail Shepherd (abiwriting) | 10 comments Great story!

message 11: by Mystery (new)

Mystery Weekly (mysteryweekly) | 30 comments Mod
Must have been a "just desserts wine." Thanks for sharing, Ralph!

message 12: by Abigail (new)

Abigail Shepherd (abiwriting) | 10 comments 😬😂😂

message 13: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 2 comments I like a story I can read several times. Each time I find an "aha" moment for the setup, conflict and resolution. Well crafted.

message 14: by Zara (new)

Zara West (zara_west) | 3 comments I like the twist at the end.

message 15: by Zara (new)

Zara West (zara_west) | 3 comments Super ending. Never expected it.

message 16: by Ralph (new)

Ralph | 4 comments Mystery wrote: "Must have been a "just desserts wine." Thanks for sharing, Ralph!"

Abigail wrote: "😬😂😂"

I enjoyed writing it. I got the idea for it listening to the police scanner that morning...similar beginning, far different ending. It's been awhile since I've written anything that short. Each word carries so much weight in the telling of the story.

message 17: by Mystery (new)

Mystery Weekly (mysteryweekly) | 30 comments Mod
I just had a micro mystery published by Postcard Shorts... It isn't eligible for this, contest and I can't reproduce the story here, but the link is below in case anyone is interested. Hopefully we'll get some more short mysteries posted here soon!


message 18: by Abigail (new)

Abigail Shepherd (abiwriting) | 10 comments Great Story!

message 19: by Mystery (new)

Mystery Weekly (mysteryweekly) | 30 comments Mod

message 20: by Chayanika Acharya (last edited Jul 25, 2018 07:58PM) (new)

Chayanika Acharya | 1 comments The apartment manager finally found a new tenant for the vacant apartment 606. “Phew!it was the costliest in the east block. And now its reserved for a year”, he said the relieved manager. Before calling it a day he went through his emails and got instantly arrested to see the latest one. It was a severely thrashing email from the 606 tenant.


What an unprofessional attitude is that? How dare you give away my apartment to a new tenant! I haven’t left yet and does not wish to anytime sooner.
You gave yourself the right to rent the apartment of a lonely spinster just because you attended my funeral? I am terribly disappointed.

- Sophie

.....And thus apartment 606 is vacant till date.

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