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message 1: by Ryanne (new)

Ryanne | 7 comments Hello
I search somebody who can read a short sequence of my story. English is not my native and I wish to know if it’s logical to continue writing in English. Do I make mayor grammar mistake, is my style too, easy, are the sentence structure always the same? Is it something that I can quickly adjust or should I rather stick to my first language? I really don’t want to but on the other site I really want to write a proper short story.
To the genre, it’s a YA fantasy romance short stories set in the eastern.
Thanks ahead :)

message 2: by Ryanne (new)

Ryanne | 7 comments Is really no one ready to have a quick glance on my work? I promise it won’t take much time. Please.

message 3: by Kristen (new)

Kristen I'm not a native speaker, but I used to be in the same situation. Please send me a PM on here if you're interested.

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