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message 1: by Badger (last edited Jun 01, 2017 10:40AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Badger | 85 comments I am reading The Shadow of the Wind for the 3rd time. I had to after finishing The Labyrinth. I ran across something curious and mysterious that I missed before. On page 323 of my edition Daniel receives his military draft notice. The document addresses him as "Daniel Sempere Martin."

Now, where did the "Martin" come from? His father's family name is Sempere and his mother's maiden name was Isabel Gispert. The curious thing is, or course, David Martin's name; David from The Angel's Game and a whole generation before Daniel.

Any ideas?

message 2: by Sue (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sue | 57 comments Hey, Badger! Finally got a chance to reply.

I checked 'my' version of SOTW. Page 329 only has Daniel Sempere listed. Don't know what to say.

Badger | 85 comments Sue,
Wow! That's interesting. I have 2 versions I'm looking at: one is the kindle version in Spanish I bought a few months ago, the other is the Spanish print version from Planeta, printed in Columbia, 2004. Both say "Daniel Sempere Martin." I wonder if it's a typo. And if it is, or something the author put in my mistake, then ...well, I don't want to give away anything from The Labyrinth.

Does anyone else have any different versions they could check?


Dena Huff (huffreadsstuff) | 1 comments I have two English versions, both say Daniel Sempere.

message 5: by Sue (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sue | 57 comments My edition is also in English.

Badger, maybe things were 'updated due to the 4th book. Will check next time I am at the bookstore.

Badger | 85 comments Sue,
I don't think they would have changed anything in the first book due to what is revealed in the 4th. The chronology would still be the same. Also, my Spanish version is from 2004 and the 4th book, of course, was released in 2016.

I have one theory, but it might be a bit of a spoiler. I'll try not to give too much away. Maybe the author had the idea to add "Martin" to Daniel's name because of something he was planning to put in SotW, but it didn't get put in and the editor didn't catch it. And maybe it got caught in later editions.

I'm going to try and find a way to ask the author to solve the mystery.

Badger | 85 comments Hello Monica,
Sue mentioned above that it is on p329 of her English edition. Anyway it is just after the beginning of Chapter 39 of the Section ("book") called "City of Shadows (Ciudad de Sombras) 1954." Hope that helps.

message 8: by Sue (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sue | 57 comments Badger, I will check out what you mentioned when I get a chance. Gracias!

Badger | 85 comments Yes, Monica,
The passage you quote is the one I meant. So, far the "Martin" shows up only in the Spanish edition that I have. Still a mystery. Wish I could ask CRZ. I posted a picture of the passage on the pictures section of this discussion board.

No, sorry, I don't know of any way to get a hold of him. There is nothing on his website about contacting him directly.

I'd be happy to answer any questions you have. Probably be best to write me a private message here on GR so as not to give away spoilers to everyone.


Laura Piovesan | 3 comments I know this post is old, but im gonna try anyway. I was reading everything again for the first time after reading the Labirinth and in my old Brasilian edition there also shows Daniel Sempere Martin. However, in the first chapter of Labirith (brasilian kindle edition) the refer to Daniel twice as Daniel Sempere Gisbert. Why would that be? Is is a editorial mistake or other versions of TLoS also have this?

Badger | 85 comments Hello Laura,
Glad you responded. I am away from home right now, but when I get home I'll look in my Labyrinth book for the reference. I have the Spanish paper edition. If "Daniel Sempere Martin" is in Labyrinth, then it is really a mystery why. When I found it in the Spanish edition of SotW, but not in the English version, I assumed it was a mistake put in the Spanish version, but corrected in the English version. But if it's in Labyrinth, then I don't know. I'll get back to you in a week or so when I am home.

Laura Piovesan | 3 comments After reading the Labyrinth I didn't thought it was a mistake. Even because it would be a really weird mistake. Also, I noticed the translators from Spanish to Portuguese for the Labyrinth are not the same as for the SoTW so maybe that is where the change comes from. Anyway, thank you for the reply and I'll be waiting to know how is the Spanish edition.

message 13: by Sue (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sue | 57 comments I saw no reference to DM Gisbert. Mind you, I am aware of what I consider the ‘double’ last names used in Latin America, etc., and do notice them.

Badger | 85 comments Laura,
I looked at my copy, Spanish hard cover edition, and also see "Daniel Sempere Gispert." This is normal and follows the original lineage of the SotW. Sempere being Daniel's father's family name and Gispert being his mother's name. This is common in Catalunya and other parts of Spain for children to take their parents' names in this way, as Sue points out above.

(Spoiler! If you haven't read Labyrinth)

What I was getting at with my original post above is that we find out at the end of Labyrinth that David Martin was actually Daniel's father, not Sempere. Daniel, of course, grew up all his life believing Sempere was his father and so did we.

It seems like a slip of editing for "Daniel Sempere Martin" to be in the first Spanish edition of SotW, but not in others. Also, this would not be any common form; to have two men's names in his name; one of his biological father and one the father he grew up with.

Any ideas?

Laura Piovesan | 3 comments (spoiler!!!) for me it also sounded like a slip or maybe even a tip. I thought maybe they had decided to name him after both his fathers,as in Labyrinth it's insinuate that Sempere actually knew Daniel was David Martin's son. Because why else would this be there? it's not an easy mistake to make.

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