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Majestic and fantastic

Inhabited by the fomorians, a fey echo of the titans, the Feydark is a cavernous world of maze-like tunnels and portals linking to Toril and other planes.

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Angel Gavrikova | 1847 comments Cynth appeared at Feydark's cavernous maze. Breathing in the misty air as she walked through the tunneled bushes, no one was usually here at times like these. She liked to come here to refresh her mind, and challenge herself by going through the dark maze, she always loved how dark it was. She walked casually, carelessly but aware, it was so very peaceful here, no war, no blood, just the darkness, mist, and mazes.

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Aquilon paced through the caves, eyes glowing faintly in their red colour, illuminating the darkness ever so slightly. His steps echoed against the cold stone walls giving off a resounding click to be heard from anywhere in the area. He felt a presence somewhere in the caves, dark, reminiscent of his own, but also very different. He paid it little mind, after all, he doubted whoever they were would feel the need to pester him. He was surveying the area, he was as usual planning for his own goals, thinking of how to best secure this tunnel system in the case that it became a battleground. He bore with him an aura of death and clenched to his chest, as always, was his grimoire.

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Angel Gavrikova | 1847 comments Leaning against one of the cool cave walls Cynth sighed quietly. Then her a sharp click echoing against the cave walls. No one usually was ever here, but she highly doubted it was anyone important. She just stared at the grey wall across from her. Listening to the ever continuing click against the cool pavement.

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He didn't intend to, but he passed by the girl while making his way through the tunnels. He turned to her out of courtesy and offered a smile. It wasn't particularly genuine, but it was instinct, he had been raised to react in such a way. "Well, who do we have here?" He asked, his voice smooth yet inquisitive. He had no quarrels with approaching this person, though of course, he very easily could have gone without saying anything as well. Noen the less it never hurt to learn about those who live in this modern day and age.

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Angel Gavrikova | 1847 comments Cynth stared at the well dressed man beneath her long, dark eyelashes. She felt like she recognized him from somewhere. She had a slight headache by her right temple. "Would ye really like to know?" She asked him in her lilting Scottish accent. While she asked that she recognized him, but did not say anything. She now knew his past, but did not mention it. He did not need to know about her powers of reading the mind, not yet anyway. Her hair was hanging loosely behind her, some slipping by her shoulders, it was waist length. But while he stayed, she studied him, he had two colors in his hair, black and white, the black hanging over his eye, she noticed a slight scar by his nose, the hair covered the rest. He was dressed like a nobleman, but she knew who he really was, but her face not revealing anything to him. The large brown spell book she also knew. He really was a handsome man, the tattoo by his eye making him look a little menacing, not to her of course, but maybe to everyone else. She stood in her casual clothes, with no cloak, a slight, misted breeze passed by in the air.

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Angel Gavrikova | 1847 comments (( I changed her outfit here it is: warrior wear:

Casual it's the second one: ))

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((She's such a cool character! Her outfits are really interesting as well, I feel like my characters are rather dull in comparison...))

Aquilon chuckled lightly, amused by her attitude, at least she wouldn't be dull in conversation. "No, I asked to waste away my time and mildly pester you." He stated sarcastically, finding such a question rather obvious. If he truly wished to be a thorn in her side it'd be far worse than a simple question and more along the lines of raising an army of the undead and unleashing the endless darkness that laid dormant within his grimoire. He dismissed the thought, however, choosing to pay attention, he looked her up and down, clearly not quite your usual person based on her outfit. She appeared to be quite young, but Aquilon knew far more than to simply assume it meant she was young, based on the presence she held she was far more immensely powerful than she looked. He was capable of deducting many things simply from a person's looks, he continued to absorb information based on her appearance while he awaited her response. He still remained a dark presence, almost as though a shadow loomed over him, but it wasn't as though he was trying to produce this effect it was merely passive, after all, he was the farthest thing from holy imaginable.

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Angel Gavrikova | 1847 comments (( no! I really like the Aquilon character, and you made his history sound so interesting ))

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Angel Gavrikova | 1847 comments She rubbed her temple, and put raised one of her legs to rest against the wall. "Cynth." She told him, her headache almost gone, but it was only a little one to begin with. She raised her head to look at him again, he was staring at her, a bit quizzically perhaps. "And yours?" She asked him, her Scottishness proved yet again by her thick accent. He had a dark aura surrounding him, she sensed it. But she probably had one too, she supposed, demons almost always did.

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((Thank you!))

"Aquilon Marx," He informed her simply not adding any of his old titles. He thought of what to ask, but came to a quick decision, "What are you?" He questioned, knowing quite easily she wasn't human. Being able to view the contents of one's soul, or in some cases lack thereof makes finding out things like that rather simple for him. "It's clear you aren't normal so I simply must ask." He explained in a tone a touch more dramatic than needed.

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Angel Gavrikova | 1847 comments She looked up from examining her nails, now she fully recognized him. She then looked at him, he really couldn't tell? She usually thought people could tell by her eyes, the silver streaks in her onyx eyes weren't very normal. But she supposed she could tell him her race too. "Devil, or demon, whichever." She replied, not adding the small drop of Fae that she had in her, it really didn't matter, she was at the most 98% demon. She figured that he carried his grimoire book not only for magic, but because it was the book that provided him answers for becoming a Lich. She really didn't care, but the bloody drop of Fae gave her curiosity, the only gene that was there really except there was beauty and heightened senses which she also did have, so not the only gene but the curiosity made her very wise, she supposed.

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"Demons, what interesting beings..." He muttered, quickly gaining an understanding as to why she wielded such a presence. He could tell something was slightly off though, she may have been almost entirely demon, but from what he could tell there had to be something else to it. He let it go, such a minuscule discrepancy couldn't have had any grandiose effects on what she could do after all. He tapped the cover of his grimoire, noticing that she was looking at it. "The Grand Grimoire, this book possesses a darkness that could either of us seem like child's play." He informed her simply. Aquilon knew that some of the magic in the book was beyond even himself, it was a grimoire, after all, it was made to bear unbearable amounts of power that could overwhelm the mind of a mortal reader with, but a few sentences.

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Angel Gavrikova | 1847 comments She nodded, she knew the grimoire books and knew how to control such power for she knew she was only almost as powerful as the grimoire. She looked up again at Aquilon, she wondered if that was all he wanted to say and be on his way or stay here for more minutes, she really didn't care. Her headache was almost completely gone. She cracked her bones in her knuckles, refreshing them almost. She looked at the grey wall in front of her again, then at Aquilon, who was still standing there, staring at her, she wondered at his expression was in captured in her or amused? She couldn't tell.

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((I would like to point out that the idea of a grimoire is that its power is literally made to be overwhelming for anyone beyond a godlike being. The idea of a grimoire, the one Aquilon's is based off, is that no being beyond gods or the likes can read them without suffering immense trauma. He has only used the minor things in it and it has only added to his own insanity. If he weren't already walking the line between life and death he'd be dead from only it's smallest spells. Unless she is literally dropping dragon slaying feathers and her presence is obliterating mortal minds then she most likely is not more powerful than it. Just as an example, from the subject matter on which it is based on, there is one that brings an end to an era simply by being opened. Another example is one that bears the secrets of the universe. She could be almost as powerful, but I highly doubt that her movement ends eras.))

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Alexandria | 1049 comments Mod
((I will add that she is likely far more powerful than Aquilon, just not the grimoire.))

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Angel Gavrikova | 1847 comments (( ok, I get confused about these things sometimes, sorry :P ))

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Alexandria | 1049 comments Mod
((It's fine, it's based on a show, so unless you've watched it I can't expect you to know all that without having watched that one rather unknown show that I discovered by accident. I just think of it being like an iceberg, what he can use is the part you can see, but much like the iceberg it has absurd amounts of power underneath that is never seen.))

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Angel Gavrikova | 1847 comments (( what is the show called? Maybe I'll watch it ))

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((A Certain Magical Index, it really doesn't do much with the grimoires in it, but the light novel tells you more about them. Anywho, I should respond now...))

Aquilon stood, finding her lack of response to be fascinating. He extended the bone in one of his fingers and cracked off the extra. He didn't feel things, his own nerves were completely dead, though he was sure it would have sucked for Corin. The skin quickly reformed from where he removed the bone. He then threw it at her like a dart to see how she would react. He imagined that she would be intelligent to know what he was doing so he saw no threat in doing so.

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Angel Gavrikova | 1847 comments (( there are three bones in the index finger: the first bone is the distal phalanx and the space in the bone is called distal inter- phalangeal point, the second is the middle phalanx with the space between called proximal inter- phalangeal point, and the third is proximal phalanx ))

She extended her quick reflexes to catch the small bone without blinking an eye or turning her head. She examined the bone from the index finger carefully, she guessed it to be the proximal phalanx of the index finger, or maybe the middle, though it was most likely the proximal phalanx than the middle. She looked at Aquilon and raised a beautiful brown and black eyebrow at him. "And mae I ask why ye want te test my reflexes?" She asked cooly, her Scottish accent coming out smooth like water.

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Angel Gavrikova | 1847 comments (( are you there? O.0 ))

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Angel Gavrikova | 1847 comments (( I've seen you on a couple of times and was wondering why you didn't answer here too ))

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((Sorry, I felt sick yesterday, got over it yesterday do to an over-intensity of illness purging, typed up a response and then forgot to hit the post button.))

Aquilon gazed at her blandly, his expression rather blank. "I would assume we are on the same side and I wish to know the calibre of those with whom I am in cohorts, is that so wrong?" He questioned rhetorically, pushing a stray black hair into place. "Why do you ask, it does not seem to have phased you or even provided the slightest of a challenge so it shouldn't matter at all." He stated simply, wondering what response he would get out of this new person.

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Angel Gavrikova | 1847 comments (( that's fine, I don't mind ))

She raised her eyebrow again, "I wouldn't assume, mate, its better to know than to assume." She flicked the bone back to him. "I don't think your grandson would have liked the experience of the bone taken out though." She said it plainly, implying that if he would, he should put the bone back. She didn't like being tested, her powers were her own and she was more unpredictable than he thought.

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Aquilon simply caused the bone to float in the air between them rather than let it reach him "That is no matter, I can freely alter a person's bone structure, there's a new one already its place, it may sting a little, but in the end, no harm has been done. What interests me is the knowledge you bear about the matter." He began, curiously, his tone quite upbeat for someone who was being given such ominous words of advice. "How exactly do you know of me, I must inquire." He asked, wondering who or what informed her of him.

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Angel Gavrikova | 1847 comments "I have my ways." She replied. He seemed overly calm even though of what had happened in his darkened past, but she knew that that was probably only a guise, she didn't have an overly happy past either, no, not happy at all. She frowned a bit.

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Aquilon chuckled, amused by how blunt and simply worded she was. "Not a lady of very many words are you?" He asked, raising an eyebrow in the process. He then took notice of her frown, "What is it that has one as stoic as you changing your expression?" He questioned pesteringly, seeing what it would take to make her talk.

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Angel Gavrikova | 1847 comments She heard what his thoughts were saying. But he could think of her as he wanted to, she wasn't a bakery, she didn't sugar coat things as most people did these days. But she quickly turned her expression blank again. "Why do ye wonder?" She replied to his question, "I notice that my expressions are not such great topics of conversation." She shifted her position slightly, rolling her shoulders from a slight cramp. She really didn't show her thoughts much to anyone or talk much really.

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"But behind every expression lies a reason, I am not interested in the expression itself, but the reason, what is it that could make you frown, please enlighten me." He explained, still prying, to know what it was that caused a change in her expression.Aquilon knew very well that an expression couldn't always be taken at face value, he himself rarely ever expressed himself in such a way, but he doubted someone like Cynth, who seemed more liable to avoid displaying any emotion whatsoever would use a false expression often.

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Angel Gavrikova | 1847 comments Cynth stayed silent for a while then answered. "There are other ways to enlighten you, I highly doubt that my reason for frowning will do so." She licked her chapped lips slowly. She knew he was trying to pry, but she was not such an easy person to break, especially to a person she just met and would probably never see again, unless there was a reason to see them.

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"If you think so then shoot away, enlighten me in the ways that you seem to know how." He challenged, awaiting her next actions. He doubted she would actually act upon it, but none the less Aquilon wanted to see what she would do, after all, she still seemed to keep her cool under his consistent examination.

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Angel Gavrikova | 1847 comments Cynth walked from the wall in front of Aquilon, stretching. "I'll try." She replied, clearing her throat. She closed her eyes, lifting both of them and transporting them through different universes, which were whizzing past quickly, once they were in one place and now transported to another. She let him look at the different universes they entered, but only for a moment until they went on to another. They were all beautiful, layer upon layer upon layer. Then it all stopped and they were where they once were, still hovering. Cynth set herself and him on the solid cement again, opening her eyes. "Good enough?" She asked him.

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Aquilon simply closed his eyes and stepped away. "Displays like that are meaningless, beauty fades and all those things will be for nought. Why pay any attention to such things when all are beyond your grasp. If that was your opinion of enlightenment then you might as well give up now." He explained dismissively finding the grandiosity to be nothing short of tacky. All of that was subject to change, enlightenment in his mind would be when an apex at which all converged, a place beyond reach was reached, something that he understood no one who would waste their time in caves would be able to pull off. "The moment you show me something yu can't show me will be the moment in which you gain the slightest of chances to impress me with your knowledge of enlightenment." He informed her, now bored by her. He had such high hopes, but by merely trying to use her own power to wow him she killed all those hopes in one fatal swipe.

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Angel Gavrikova | 1847 comments She smirked slightly. Ah, but that was no illusion, noblemen like men like ye would merely not understand, I was testing you as you had tested me, to see what taste you had," she replied simply and truthfully, "I could show you so much more that actually will impress ye, I think, my powers go beyond such simple things as I showed ye, but too bad I'm just not in the mood." She cracked her knuckles and leaned against the wall, this time with just her shoulder, watching his reaction. For she had told him the truth, if he would test her then why not she test him? Seeing ones opinion could say a lot about a person. She narrowed her eyes at him, "and it is better to appreciate beauty while ye can, because when blood and destruction comes, who knows if ye will live?"

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"I never said it was an illusion, it just didn't impress me that much, you may rant about your power all you wish, you clearly can't bring enlightenment, after all, you are a demon and I am exempted from such light in any case, the fact that you let that slip your mind shows that you are dulling." He prodded, his facade was so natural to him it didn't require any thought, he could simply go on as such without thinking at all. "As far as your little remark about death from this war... Let's just say that the gods and the such cannot touch me and I am already far from alive." He informed her easily refuting her point.

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Angel Gavrikova | 1847 comments "I know you are," she replied, "and if you think I am so very dulling go find an entertainer to enlighten ye because I am not one." She really didn't care in his opinion of her, her demon side could feel no feelings. "Your opinion of me does not matter to me, and I can obviously see that ye are acting like a spoiled bairn, trying to entertain yourself from yer dulling life, and I will not stand for that." She said cooly. "Good day sir." She maneuvered around him, taking a step. She would not have these types of mannerisms, people who were raised by noblemen or richer were all the same, criticizing, judging, entertaining themselves for days on end with parties or else. Even he was different from them he was still the same. She wasn't angry, just put out by his behavior.

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((I feel like his character simply didn't mesh well with Cyn, I feel like Kronoria, a stone cold powerhouse just like Cynth might work a little better for this :p))

Her calling him spoiled pulled a string. Calling him spoiled was absurd, the last person to say such a thing was beheaded, why should this have been any different? He had suffered through so much yet she thought it wise to say such a thing? With that, he loosened his grip on the grimoire clutched so tightly to his chest and held it in front of himself. He then opened it to a random page, allowing an overwhelming power to encompass the cave system, its darkness all consuming and vast. He muttered a few unintelligible words before his on body was covered in a cloak of darkness, the spell was clearly quite taxing, but in his mind, it was worth using, his own body would eventually repair, though it would only cause him to sink further into insanity. The spell was made to replace the user with a being who's power exceeded their own which is what exactly happened. As the darkness peeled away from his form it revealed another person completely. It began with wild silver hair, a tempest whipping around without mercy and as more peeled away it revealed a face of delicately beautiful features without flaw. Eventually what was left was a gorgeous woman in a dramatic outfit. Her scarlet eyes flickered with all of time passed and yet to come, a unique blade in her hand at her side. Aquilon's cackle arose from the woman, "What luck! A Majin! I had read of them in my grimoire, but to be blessed with this form... Perhaps the gods haven't forsaken me!" He exclaimed hysterically. Suddenly, however, his cackle was stopped by a pained gasp. Nothing visual had happened though his mind raced, every sense overwhelmed by terror and fear as something tugged at his mind. The pained expression slowly shifted to one of raw indifference. "What an inconvenience..." The woman muttered as her silver locks settled down and her flickering red eyes began to show far more fluid moments in time. "You," She said, her voice echoing in reference to Cynth, "who is the imbecile attempting to utilise my power?" She asked her tone stone cold. Not one emotion was expressed by her. The woman was Majin Kronoria who happened to have been rather busy before being summoned into the area.

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Angel Gavrikova | 1847 comments Cynth looked back, her expression not wavering, now the bastard was throwing a tantrum! "Why, the person who is using your power is named Aquilon Marx III, quite annoying isn't it?" She said, crossing her arms over her impressive chest, "he has a grimoire and is willing to murder me for being called something that he was acting like." She shook her head, her face blank and her tone a smooth caress of darkness and no emotion. Cynth knew exactly what he did to himself, but it was just adding to his madness. This woman was more powerful than her, Majin were very powerful beings, and while Cynth was a powerful demon, she wasn't a Majin. She studied the silver haired figure standing in front of her, events flashed in her expressionless, crimson eyes.

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"Truly so..." She muttered, she forced him into mental retreat, but she was in the middle of something before being summoned. She wanted to go back, however, if she did she'd end up bringing this 'Aquilon' pest along with her. She may have been a Majin, but this particular grimoire spell was made to bind beings like herself so despite that even she couldn't break off its effects right away. "Honestly, some pathetic being like that should not be tampering with forces he can't control." She remarked blandly as she glanced at her glove assuring that she was fully corporeal. She was fully restraining every ounce of her own power, she didn't want to give whoever forced her into the caves the minor victory of any damage being done in the slightest.

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Angel Gavrikova | 1847 comments "Aye, but he's already too deep in his madness." She said, she saw the Majin's memories, her past almost as dark and demented as Cynth's and many more. Cynth swallowed, she felt the Majin try to prevent the power coming out of her. Cynth breathed in deeply, if the Majin let Aquilon gain control of mind again, she didn't know what was going to happen, but if it was going to be her time to go, she would go. She thought all the thoughts unfeelingly. She looked at the figure again, who was looking at her glove.

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"He will at least learn to not test that one spell again, his mind is currently in a state of trauma-induced paralysis as he relives every horrifying moment in his entire life over and over and over again." She explained calmly, this particular person seemed almost tolerable, a rarity amongst rarities as far as Kronoria was concerned. "Now..." She began as she sat herself down on a large stone. "you seem competent, why were you associating with such a fool?" She asked bluntly, not worrying about Aquilon who was suffering within the confines of his own mind.

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Angel Gavrikova | 1847 comments "We just met, he stopped to talked to me on his way to somewhere." She said in the same voice the silver haired girl had. Cynth leaned against the wall again, with just her shoulder. "And ye are?" She asked, knowing her name already from her memories but being cautious. Cynth was contemplating the answers she would or would not give the girl, she did not trust her, or anyone in particular really.

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Alexandria | 1049 comments Mod
"How... Inefficient." She spoke, deciding that inefficiency was the best way to describe his methods. Whoever this idiot was he really didn't know how to get things done, Kronoria was able to pull off feats that made him look seem like a ragdoll not long into her magic training. "I am Majin Kronoria, Mistress of The Grand Clock and what have you, though I think you may already know most of this." She responded glancing up at Cynth as the world's creation was depicted in her eyes. She still remained emotionless, her face not making for any misunderstandings in that department either.

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Angel Gavrikova | 1847 comments (( I think they'll be great friends :) ))

"Cynth." She replied, her own face emotionless. Cynth looked at Kronoria's scythe, from her mind she knew what it was. "Kronos." Cynth muttered talking mostly to herself. She looked back at Kronoria, who was still sitting on the rock.

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Alexandria | 1049 comments Mod
"How unusual, someone who recognises that God, a bit out of this time. I can't really use it to its full potential often, but it's a rather useful weapon even without its full power." She remarked, indifferent about the topic. She'd prefer it always be fully functional, but she understood the way it worked. "I completed a path of magic in his image, without having to use my powers as a Majin I can freely control both time and plants because of it." She said not even for a moment considering giving away the full process of becoming a Majin, it was a secret that was well guarded by any who wielded the power of a Majin. "I must ask how you know that I have yet to meet a person in this world who has ever heard of him." She asked, explaining why she wished to know. Kronos was a god from when she was, but a typical person so it was who knows how long ago that Kronos lived.

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Angel Gavrikova | 1847 comments "I know many things, and one of them involves Kronos." She replied, Cynth knew the path of how to become a Majin, but was satisfied with staying as she was. She remembered her past, where she pursued all kinds of libraries for discovering infinite amounts of information, she was a much curious child in those days. "And ye need not be wary, I already know the path of how to become Majin, but I intend on staying a demon." For even if Koronia's expression stayed blank, Cynth could sense all the feelings inside Koronia, hitting Cynth like a storm.

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Alexandria | 1049 comments Mod
"How curious, it is a rare occasion in which someone does not wish for such power, I commend you for that." She told her simply, finding the slightest of peace in not having someone pry for such information. "How lovely it is to meet someone who doesn't make me want to wipe them from existence..." Kronoria remarked, almost surprised by it. Almost. "Though I must pursue the answer to the question I asked, how is it you learnt this, simply for purposes of curiosity, after all, I too know many things, but I'd like to know how you came across such a frivolous piece of information." Kronoria requested, she wished to know where this knowledge could be found, she thought it could possibly be interesting to read about how these current day people thought of such a god who may very well have been long before or after the time of their world.

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Angel Gavrikova | 1847 comments Cynth cleared her throat, she supposed it wouldn't hurt to tell Kronoria. "Well firstly, I am not as young as I look, but ye aren't either," she said, trying to find a way without mentioning the horrible things about her past, "and when I was a just a bairn, I had a vast curiosity of many things, trying to find how everything was, I went to libraries sense I could remember, and one particular day I found a very old book, older than life itself I suppose, I had found it deep in the trunk of a tree, worn and pages wavy from water, ink smudged a bit but still good to read, it wasn't magic or a grimoire, just an ordinary book, a thick book really, but with a very difficult seal, I remember how complex it was to figure it out, it was probably faded a bit from age, but when I finally got past it," Cynth shook her head, "the book had everything! Absolutely everything in it, about gods and magic and paradoxes, every question I had ever stored in my brain could be answered, well, almost every question and heaps of information but everything else." She trailed off. Staring into space, remembering the good days when there was warmth of the sun and lush forests full of fruit in summers, and then...when everything went...wrong.

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"Hm, what a fascinating book..." Kronoria muttered. Whilst her tone nor expression would not indicate so she truly did find it to be quite interesting. She possessed the power to grant herself such knowledge, but on the other hand, it came with the risk of completely wiping her mind clean of absolutely anything in it so Kronoria never risked such a thing. She noted Cynth's distant gaze and thought for a mere nanosecond. She then used her own power to take a glimpse into Cynth's mind. It came with two failed attempts, but the small scale of the action made the backfire little more than a pinch. Once she actually did see the thought she just sat on her rock as usual. "It would be no hassle to bring those days back you know, simply tugging the strings of time and you could have it all back," Kronoria told her bluntly. For Kronoria time lacked any meaning, she could freely alter it without any boundary and her life has, through the Majin's realm of the beyond, lived countless eternities, it was no more than a frivolous aspect of life to her, one she didn't ever have to worry about.

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