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message 1: by Lucía (new)

Lucía (antiviral) guys! I just realized you can submit books to be reviewed by wattpad ambassadors- the catch is: you can't nominate yourself. Maybe we could do a nomination switch? For this to be fair to everyone, we should all nominate each other, and not just expect others to nominate us and do nothing- the point is to help each other. We could leave our usernames+the book we want nominated in this thread. Reviews help unknown (or known) books get more readers, plus they're unbiased and endorsed by wattpad. Tell me what you think :)
Here's the form

message 2: by sucre'd fiend (new)

sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 4 comments I think this is a nice idea

message 3: by Lucía (new)

Lucía (antiviral) who wants to be the first one to share? I think we should keep it simple: one book per person, and in order to submit a proposal request you must propose the books of the writers above you so everyone gets a fair chance to be reviewed by the ambassadors. if the list gets way too long in the future, maybe we could submit the first 10 writers before us, and if we want to be submitted again we could just post our book again and propose the 10 authors above us. I don't know what the mods/admins think?

message 4: by Lucía (new)

Lucía (antiviral) And just to clarify: the first ones of us should propose everyone who posts their books (before and after us) until the time comes when it gets too long - otherwise it would be pointless. sorry for the long post! ❤

message 5: by Annelise (new)

Annelise Lords (thisisanneliselordsgmailcom) | 1 comments Good morning. Annelise Lords is looking for a male and female to read The Yellow Hibiscus and give her a review. thank you.

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