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message 1: by Nona (new)

Nona Day (nonaday) | 5 comments I'm looking for anyone to read my series Spiritual Seduction. I have two of the three book series available now. I will email the PDF to anyone willing to give honest reviews. I'm willing to do the same for anyone needing reviews.


Blayze knew what he wanted out of life. His goal is make his real estate firm a multi-million dollar company. He dedicates his time to growing his company. He has life all planned out. Marriage wasn't a consideration for him at this time. He will only build a solid foundation with a woman that matches his drive and ambition. He loved the most expensive things in life. What happens when a refined, ambitious, elegant man meets Novalee Champagne?
Novalee is spiritual, care free and energetic. She is content with the simple things in life. She never desired to live the lavish lifestyle. She loves her freedom. A career in the corporate world was no desire of hers.. Her Spirituality and Chakra guides her through life. Will her caring and giving heart cost her a chance with the man who has capture her heart, Blayze Tyus.
There is a force of energy pulling the two together that neither can deny. When two totally different worlds collide, it could be a catastrophe or a beautiful cosmic explosion.

message 2: by Shannon (new)

Shannon (shannonbarnett) | 20 comments I will read your book & leave a honest review

message 3: by Nona (new)

Nona Day (nonaday) | 5 comments Thank you! Send me your email address and I will send the PDF if you dont have KU

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Shannon (shannonbarnett) | 20 comments

message 5: by Nona (new)

Nona Day (nonaday) | 5 comments Ok, im at work right now. Soon as I get home i will email both books to you

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Shannon (shannonbarnett) | 20 comments Thank you 😊

message 7: by Nona (new)

Nona Day (nonaday) | 5 comments Yw😊

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