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message 1: by Kiana (new)

Kiana | 7 comments Demons, repossession, and weird nonhuman stuff.

Repossessed - A. M. Jenkins
Reviewed by Kiana Loeuy

This book is written from the perspective of a demon named Kiriel who repossessed a teen boy named Shaun right before he was about die. Kiriel decided to take a ‘vacation’ to the real world to see what physical existence was like. He wanted to impress the Creator (god). Luckily, nobody noticed that ‘Shaun’ wasn’t actually Shaun besides his cat, Peanut. Kiriel decides to make some missions for himself which included sexual intercourse, getting to know Jason (Shaun’s little brother) and changing a bully in a positive way. Read the book to find out if he accomplishes his goals!

In my opinion, I think this book was unique, especially how the point of view was from the ‘evil’ perspective instead of ‘good’. This book was actually the inspiration for my Hero’s Journey story. *(SPOILER)* The demon still didn’t get much of a happy and accomplished ending but it seemed to be good enough for him. * It was just really interesting reading from the other viewpoint.

message 2: by Leilani (new)

Leilani Pendilla | 7 comments I think this sounds like an awesome book! Not many books seem to be written in the "evil" perspective, like you said, so this would be cool to read since I haven't read anything like it yet!

message 3: by Samuel (new)

Samuel Moore | 8 comments Books like these sound really interesting. I don't think I've ever read a book told from the "evil" point of view but I think that they would be really interesting. Are there other books like this you would recommend?

message 4: by Isabela (last edited Jun 05, 2017 03:34PM) (new)

Isabela Padilla | 8 comments this book sounds different and interesting id like to read more about it. the whole "evil" thing is new and grabbing my attention to see what happens next. I think I might read it over the summer.

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