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Princess Selene Blackburn  (PrincessSeleneBlackburn) | 15 comments Who else cried when Dr. Erland said that he loved Cress? I did? Share your thoughts on their relationship.

Princess Selene Blackburn  (PrincessSeleneBlackburn) | 15 comments I know, it's so crazy! I also wish they had more time together.

Little Infinity | 1 comments I was not expecting the plot twist. I agree, it does make sense. It was just sad for him to die when he just found his daughter. Although I'm happy they were reunited.

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I didn't like him at first

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Agnik | 46 comments To be honest I still do not know what to think of their relationship, I remember I saw it coming but I did not expect him to die a few minutes after telling her.
Personaly I think it was better Cress did not know that he was her father all her life as she did feel as much sadness/pain when he was dying.

Amani Ohh I was like having a mini breakdown when he died. Crews didn't even get to spend much time with her own father and he was such a nice guy.

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carmen (carmen_pretzel) | 8 comments I cried!! SOO HARD! I just can't believe she didn't say it back he was her dad and he was dying! 😭😭😭😭

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ava lewis | 1 comments So many tears were shed. Definitely a good move by Marissa and gave me so much closure for both characters. I thought it was so sweet and surprising.

Agnik | 46 comments I admit I cried a bit myself, it took me completely by surprise as it happened so suddenly.

Kaylee | 7 comments It made me feel so bad for Cress, but I think Erland should have told her sooner.

Ashritha | 3 comments Dr. Erland was an amazing character. I was devastes when he died, especially right after he told Cress that he was her father!

Stacey Browne | 17 comments I knew Dr Erland was her dad as soon as I heard a little bit about Cress's back story. I didn't want him to get the plague though.

Andrea S | 2 comments I cried A LOT when Dr. Erland got te plague , specially when he locked himself in the sterilized room and told Cress that he loves her 💔and felt so bad for Cress because when she finally discovered who is her father he died

Angela (love2sing13) | 17 comments I know!!!! And she never got to know him!

Lauren Lanz (laurenlanz) I feel like Cress didn't didn't have enough time to get to know her father, and therefore I couldn't feel much emotion when he died. Of course I felt bad, but I just feel as though they didn't know each other well enough fort it to be very sad.

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I was shocked when I found out that Cress was Dr. Erland's daughter. I still don't know how I feel about that

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Elisia | 30 comments I cried more for Cress than I did that Dr. Erland died. I didn't really care for him much bc he was manipulative and killed people to find Cinder and bought people trying to find Cress. His intentions were good, but he didn't care about who else got hurt. I cried for Cress bc I really felt sorry that she had to carry all that guilt for not saying," I love you too."
Dr. Erland may have bought people trying to find Cress, but he was never there for her as a father and she has no right to feel guilty about that. She barely even knew him! So I remained unmoved when Dr. Erland died, but I wept when Cress talked about her guilt.

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Melly | 2 comments Dr Erland did some great things and should be credited with starting the upheaval of a tyrannical government, but in order to overthrow that government he created the cyborg draft so I have a lot of mixed feelings about if he was actually a good man that you would want to know. He also worked for that government and would have continued to if his daughter wasn't born a shell, so in a way cress' existence is what ends up saving all of luna. it would also be interesting to see how cress' life would have been different if Erland had found a way to go into hiding on earth with cress. what would their relationship be? Would they still try to save luna or would he be too cautious to do such a thing since he has a daughter to take care of. what would have happened if he knew she was alive instead of thinking she had been killed?

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