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Jess Moore (authorjessb) Hi all. I'm looking for a couple folks to read my completed manuscript for Guilt of a Sparrow. I'd love general feedback on the story and characters.

Here's the blurb:
Magnolia Porter has spent the entirety of her twenty four years satisfying her mother’s guilt.  She was the good girl to her trouble making brother.  She was the one left behind to hold her mother together after her brother died.  She is an invisible girl in a small town carrying the burden of her family’s loss and pain.  She was nobody trying desperately to be somebody.  First step:  dating.  

Cotton MacKenna is the one with the temper.  Of the five MacKenna kids, he’s the one you have to watch out for.  Most likely to succumb to anger and explode.  Never mind he hasn’t gotten into a fight since he was sixteen - a full decade ago - the ones with his own brothers don’t count.  Disregard all those fights back in the day were with Lucian Porter who had it coming for being an insufferable bully.  He is a grown up, a photographer, the fourth in the line of MacKennas, and would only ever be known for his past.  Time for a change.  

Maggie and Cotton are more than the labels placed on them.  Put there by their families, the town, and themselves.  

A meddling best friend.  Bluegrass jams.  Small town gossiping.  Love, loss, and family ties.  Learning how to be who you are outside of who you were told to be.  With humor and plenty of romance, of course.

*I can not do a swap at this time, as I'm busy reading for several other people. Maybe in a few weeks. :)

email me:
Thank you,
Jess B Moore

Courtney Peterman | 12 comments Are you looking to swap? I have 15 chapters that I need a good opinion on.

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Jess Moore (authorjessb) Courtney Peterman wrote: "Are you looking to swap? I have 15 chapters that I need a good opinion on."

Sure thing. :)

Courtney Peterman | 12 comments I sent you an email :)

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