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message 1: by Viktoria (new)

Viktoria Faust | 7 comments Dear author
I'm representative of one small publishing house from Croatia. We just started with publishing 5 books, and now we are preparing 10 new titles for the next year. We only publish very small number of books - only 200 pcs of each title, and books are available only in libraries. We publish public domain books because we cannot afford to pay for publishing rights, but we are always interested in modern authors who want to be translated into other languages. We cannot pay you, but this is what we will do for you and your book:
- we will translate your book in Croatian
- we will professionally design it and gave it beautiful cover
- we will make only the hardcover of your book
- we will offer it to all public libraries in Croatia
- we will send 2 copies of the book to you
We will invest all of this in your work if you would give us opportunity. We are mostly interested in romance, mystery, thrillers, war novels, adventure novels and so on - but offer us whatever you have, we are open to suggestion. We are especially interested in serials. Your book can be previously published or unpublished, it does not matter. Send us a few words describing your book.
What can you get from this deal? Most of Croatian readers borrow books from libraries. Most of our readers also reeds English too. So if some of Croatian readers “discovers” you by reading your translated book, he/she will seek your other books. So this is free advertisement for you.
We would like to work with you. Take this opportunity, find new readers, new fans of your beautiful stories.
Send us email to

message 2: by Abby (new)

Abby Eagle | 6 comments Hi Viktoria, would you be interested in this book?

God: The Greatest Misunderstanding in the History of Mankind

Kind regards
Abby Eagle

message 3: by Viktoria (new)

Viktoria Faust | 7 comments Not right now, we are now only interested in fiction.

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