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Devourer & Ending Questions. Help!

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Ashley I just finished Crimson Bound and was curious what you all thought. I felt like we were left without a lot of clarification. Questions!:

Was the Devourer defeated?
In the end, Zisa says that she couldn't defeat the Devourer because she ultimately didn't bring one of the swords. Rachelle has Durendal so she can defeat the Devourer,
EXCEPT Zisa says that nothing really "dies" hmmmmm.
Rachelle can't look upon the Devourer without being devoured, which leaves her the choice to weave the charm to devour itself.
So... was it defeated? Erec was devoured, but was he just destroyed or just contained/bound like Zisa and Tyr were able to do? If it wasn't defeated, what was the point??


Also, how did you all understand the relationship between the Devourer and the forest?
Is the forest devoured?
When the forest lives on at the end, we guess that the forest is something separate, something older. It would be interesting to learn how the Devourer became what it is, came to power over the forest and the world.


Thank you!!

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Delaney I believe the Devourer was defeated. My memory is a bit fuzzy because this book wasn't that memorable, I was actually really disappointed with it :( . What I got about the forest is that the forest is kind of like a character itself as well and Devourer and forest and tied so I guess at the end the forest is no longer tied to something evil and instead is a forest since forest are usually associated with evil.

It would have been awesome if there was more clarification to the whole situation, I felt it lacked in world building. But I'm glad you liked it! Since you rated it far higher than I did.

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