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Courtney Peterman | 12 comments I have 15 chapters of my contemporary fiction/romance completed that I would like to get beta'd. My other Beta dropped out so I'm seeking another. It is over 100k words at this time. You can also email me at Thank you!

Here is a blurb:

Cole Bauer is a workaholic. Growing up in the foster care system taught him how to fend for himself, and he’s been determined to climb to the top of his Manhattan merger firm, and defy the odds society put against him since he was six years old. Known to be coldhearted and selfish, Cole has always used his status to surround himself with beautiful women and a lavish lifestyle, turning his back on any relationship that could possibly hold substance or tear down the emotional walls that he’s put up for protection.

When two children are tossed into his mix, it’s all he can do to keep his sanity. With a harsh ultimatum from his boss Cole finds himself with no other choice than to hire someone to help care for them.

Abbey Feldman always envisioned herself getting married to her high school sweetheart and raising a family in her hometown of Brighton, Colorado. Ten years ago that dream was shattered. Her boyfriend Braeden, a solider in the US Army, was reported missing in action during a mission in Afghanistan and hasn’t been seen since.

Abbey’s life has been on a downward spiral since then. When a promising job interview is arranged by her best friend, she jumps on the opportunity. The problem is, her boss is a complete jerk. Cole Bauer is completely self centered and closed off. He also couldn’t care less about the children she’s been hired to care for. It’s more than enough reason to make her quit, but the generous salary and the welfare of the boys forces her to stay.

As they grow to know each other, things begin to change. The problem is, Cole has never wanted to commit to a relationship or fall in love and Abbey has never fully accepted Braeden’s death. A force more powerful than the both of them draws them together, but something earth shattering looms in the background, threatening to drive them apart forever.

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Mark Lusardi | 13 comments Me to?

Courtney Peterman | 12 comments Sorry not sure what you mean

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Mark Lusardi | 13 comments Sorry, obviously you are seeing my response out of context lol.

I would be happy to do a beta read swap as well as that other person. My Novel 'Adriana'
edges into Sci-fi a little on occasion but is mostly 'main stream'.

Thanks Mark 07768 892 711

Courtney Peterman | 12 comments Sure just email me for info @

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