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✨    jami   ✨ (jamieson_) | 2 comments Mod
A reading list for all the books containing male MC's who are gay. Please add any others you know below if they are not in the list

Alphabetical order, with #OwnVoices in bold.

aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe - benjamin alire saez
boy meets boy - david levithan
geography club - brent hartinger
grasshopper jungle - andrew smith
hero - perry moore
history is all you left me - adam silvera
• I'll give you the sun - jandy nelson
more then this - patrick ness
openly straight - bill konigsburg
• proxy - alex london
• simon vs the homosapiens agenda - becky albertalli
the five stages of andrew brawley - shaun david hutchinson
• the foxhole court by nora sakavic
• the raven king by nora sakavic
• the kings men by nora sakavic
• the gentlemans guide to vice and virtue - mackenzi lee
liquor - poppy z. brite
the love interest - cale dietrich
the porcupine of truth - bill konigsberg
• the song of achilles - medeline miller
three truths and a lie - brent hartinger
two boys kissing - david levithan
we are the ants - shaun david hutchinson
• whatever. or how junior year became totally fucked - s.j goslee
• will grayson, will grayson - john green and david levithan (semi #ownvoices)

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Olivia (elven) What is #ownvoices? Most of these seem to be YA, are we sticking to that?

Almost Like Being in Love - Steve Kluger
American Love Songs - Ashlyn Kane
The God Box - Alex Sanchez
The Great American Whatever - Tim Federle
Just Between Us - J.H. Trumble
Mysterious Skin - Scott Heim
Rainbow Boys - Alex Sanchez (trilogy)
A Red Tainted Silence - Carolyn Gray
What They Always Tell Us - Martin Wilson
You Know Me Well - Nina LeCour

Mark A. Roeder - Writes a 20+ book series called The Gay Youth Chronicles.

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✨    jami   ✨ (jamieson_) | 2 comments Mod
OwnVoices means the author identifies with the same orientation as the character. Reading own voices us good because it supports minorities telling their own stories and narratives.

And no, doesn't have to be YA, that just happens to be what I know best. This is just a preliminary list I plan to add to later

PS. Thanks for your suggestions, I'll add any m/m ones to the list, but I'll never making lists dedicated to other lgbt soon, this us just for male gay main characters

message 4: by Dita (new)

Dita Hi, there are just some more that I know :)

Peter Darling by Austin Chant
Coffee Boy by Austin Chant - I know that these books by Chant are maybe more about trans characters, but they also gay
Cut & Run series by Abigail Roux and Madeleine Urban
Buying Time by J. Cassey (that's online comics)
Captive Prince by C. S. Pascat

sofia (sam willows) (samwillows) | 2 comments Mod
• Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
• The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater (note that this isn't about romance, but it has two main lgbt male characters)
• Naomi & Ely and the No Kiss List by David Levithan
• The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan (this is a Middle Grade book, and it's a series starring a bi MC, Apollo)

At the moment we're listing books with gay/bi men MCs that may or may not have romance in them. If you have any books to add, please do!

message 6: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (elven) Hair of Dog - Morgan James/Ashlyn Kane
The Heart of Texas - R.J. Scott
Peter - Kate Walker
Unearthing Cole - A.M. Arthur
Warrior's Cross - Madeleine Urban/Abigail Roux
What We Deserve - Kerry Freeman
A Better Man - R.J. Scott/Jaime Reese
Coming Home - M.J. O'Shea
Crooked Tree Ranch - R.J. Scott
Finding Love - T.A. Chase
The Tin Star - J.L. Langley

I don't know about any of the author's own voices. I never look that far into it.

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