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message 1: by Britnie (new)

Britnie | 352 comments Mod
“I’m destined for a love that can’t ever be diminished, tarnished, shaken, or taken. With you, Jesus, I’m forever safe. I’m forever accepted. I’m forever held. Completely loved and always invited in.” What do you think about these words?

message 2: by Britnie (new)

Britnie | 352 comments Mod
I need to remember these words whenever I start getting down on myself. In those times where I feel worthless and unloved, I need to remember that Jesus loves me. He loves me more than my human brain could ever fathom. Who cares what other people think? God knows everything about me. He knows every thought, he knows every insecurity, every flaw and he loves me. What could beat that? I know this is all easier said than done and it won't happen over night. I won't wake up tomorrow and suddenly be confident in myself. But, it's something I can work on every day. As my husband says all the time. I just gotta fake it til I make it.

message 3: by Janel (new)

Janel Eure | 28 comments This is a great mindset to have through life! To remember Jesus is the only one who matters and he knows the true intentions of my hearts desires! He will always love me the same which is a pretty amazing feeling!

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