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Geneva Wilson A well respected professor of anthropology has let the academic and Aleut community know that this book seems to be a work of plagiarism. It appears to be taken without permission or attribution from the 1991 MA thesis of Debra Corbett, an anthropologist who is well-known for her decades of archaeological research in the Aleutian Islands region. (Debbie has graciously offered to send a free digital copy of her thesis to anyone who would like one. She can be reached at

Aside from appearing to be a plagiarized publication, this book is very poorly put together. Pages are filled with typos and formatting errors, and there is no bibliography at the end. Also, there are no graphics. And John Hull, the “author,” is a completely unknown name to this professor.

Those of you interested in the topic of Aleutian archaeology can find plenty of legitimate material elsewhere – this book is to be avoided

message 2: by Irena (last edited Sep 07, 2017 04:33PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Irena I was wondering about book's author. As dry and random publication text is, despite of lack of any bibiliography or reference or citations I was excited to find it. We collect every publication on Aleutian islands at Unalaska City school library, name of John Hull naver came across. Can Debra Corbett confirm that her thesis data is correct in the book? We are intent to keep a copy, wnd if author disputes it will gladly put her name on the cover. However any publication like this is a precious aquisition for us. Please let us know if new development legal or academic occurs!

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