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Abhijeet Pratap Treasure Island is a wonderful book by Robert Louis Stevenson, particularly meant for the teenagers. The book is splendid for many reasons but it is especially the suspense, thrill, adventure and after all the gripping style of Stevenson that will leave you spellbound. At the center of the entire drama is young Jim. Teenagers will find all the stuff they love in this seas adventure - from treasure map to treasure and from sea voyage to blood thirsty pirates. Apart from Jim, the one other very engaging character in the novel is the leader of the pirates - Long John Silver. He carries a parrot who constantly shrieks - pieces of eight. The story begins at Jim's inn with the arrival of a retired pirate who dies there and leaves behind a treasure map. A treasure hunt begins and Jim and his friends go through a major thrilling adventure where they clash with the pirates and return as winners. By the end Jim has grown pretty mature and responsible. Overall, it is difficult to leave the book in the middle and by the end you are really thrilled and satisfied. Suitable for all ages. The book engages throughout and as soon as the voyage has begun thrill escalates. Jim and team do not even know that the people they have hired to sail with them are all blood thirsty pirates looking to lay their hands on the same treasure. Another interesting character is Ben Gunn who used to be a pirate and was marooned on the island where the treasure lies. He helps Jim find he treasure and returns with his team after most pirates have been killed and Long John Silver has escaped.

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