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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments Julius Hanson stepped into the dinner of The Southern Mission, his cane out and tapping and a bag flung over his shoulder. It was exactly 9:50 in the morning, the same time he always showed up, as he figured out it was right beofre they got busy and would get the best food possible. He walked his way down to table 21 and sat in the back left corner. He felt for the salt, pepper, and creamer and put them to the right side of him and sat up straight as he awaited Isabella, the waitress Julius calls on specifically.

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Louise  (louiseem) | 12434 comments Isabella was talking with some of her co-workers as she was cleaning a table. When she saw Julius arriving she smiled gently. She looked at the time as it was 9:50. She waited till he would have taken his seat and got everything in the order he wanted before she walked over to his table. "Well good mooring Mr. Hanson. I guess that you will have the usual?" She asked him. Her voice was gental but still happy sounding

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments "Good Morning to you as well, Miss Isabella." He looked up from the table towards your voice and smiled. His rounded glasses hiding his eyes with a black tint. "Of course, do I do anything else?" He chuckled and handed you the menu that peolpe always put there. "How has your morning been going?" He questioned in, but it was nothing new, he always asked some questions just so he could warm up talking before he left for work.

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Louise  (louiseem) | 12434 comments Isabella took his menu as he handed it to her and chuckled a little to what the said. She looked over at her co-workers started with his order before she looked at him again. "Well, my morning have been quite calm. Just a few costumers wanting some coffee before their work." She said almost feeling like she was just talking straight out. Anyway. How have your morning been so far?" She then asked him. She waited till his order was done so she could go get it for him. But she really liked talking to him

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments "Quite well, I got up and had my workout, the same as usually, if it works no need to change it, then I got dress and came to see you. Well not actually see, but, you know what I mean." He chuckled and tapped on the table as he was talking, another one of his weird habits. "Today on my show were gonna talk about weird diner lingo, got any good ones for me to bring up?" He asked, arching an eyebrow as he awaited an answer.

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Louise  (louiseem) | 12434 comments She listened as he talked about his morning and she looked at him. "Well I'm sure I can think of some. Let me just go and get your breakfast and I might give you some that you might not know about." She said before she walked away. She got his plate with food and then his coffee. She walked to his table and placed everything infront of him and then looked at him. "There you go." She said

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments "Alrght, darling. You go ahead." He put his head back down, his cane in one hand as he waited. "You got everything right?" He asked in a teasing way. He set the can to the side as he picked up a fork. "So, what lingo do you got for me, Charles only can google so much." He smiled again as he digged in. "What is lemonade? Thats one I want to know.' He tooka big bite of toast as he waited.

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Louise  (louiseem) | 12434 comments She smiled a little after she had given him his oder. She had a light blush from when he called her darling. She took a seat as she thought it would be easier then standing up. "Lemonade? Well that's easy. It's called 41." She said to him

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments "41. 41. 41. Ok, I got it." He always repeated words three times to remember them. "Give the hardest one, in your opinion." He took the bacon and took a bit out of it, he always ate quickly too, just so he could talk for longer with this fine woman, his show started 1030 and was only down the road.

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Louise  (louiseem) | 12434 comments She started to think. "Well sometimes I mess up to say syrup in the right way. It's Motor oil in diner lingo." She said with a soft chuckle. She liked talking to him, he is nice and she enjoyed it a lot

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments "Motor Oil? really? Alright." He made a note of it as he pushed his plate to the side and grabbed his coffee, he drank the coffee black always, it woke him up and got some bitterness in him. "Well I know one, Dr.Pepper. Its M.D. I always thought that was a good one." He took anouther sip and took off his glasses, showing his almost grey eyes, his whole self almost looked like he is black and white.

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Louise  (louiseem) | 12434 comments Isabella looked at him and nodded a little. She saw when he took of his glasses. She started to think a little before she started to talk. "So I know that you have a routine that you follow everyday. But how do you manage to do stuff?" She asked as she never really had understood how he chose his clothes or how he knew if he used shampoo or not when he showered. In a way she couldn't see how he did it.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments "Instinct I suppose. Along with these little stickers I have that got bumps that let me know which is which. Clothes though are something I dont choose. My family thinks Im nuts, as you know, so they hired a nice old lady who comes in and checks up on me. She usually picks out what I wear, so that I don't look like a totally moron in a purple shirt and bright blue booty shorts." He never really thought of it himself, how he does all the tings himself, as he has been this way all his life, it just seemed like normal. "Well, did you hear about those fancy glasses that are correcting blind folk's eyes and letting them see?" He knew it was a bad transition but it just came to his mind.

((His Cane in case you cared. (view spoiler)))

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Louise  (louiseem) | 12434 comments She nodded at what he said. She had always somehow wondered how it was for him to do his everyday tasks. "Well at least your family cares about you enough to get someone to help you out." She said. When he mentioned those type of glasses she thought a little about it before she answered. "Yah I've heard about them before." She said as she had seen it around in some places from time to time

(Ohhh nice)

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments "Oh, I guess thats right. Or the fact I am loaded and theyre making sure they get their fair share." He laughed and finished off his cup of coffee and placed it on his plate, wiping his face with a napkin. "Thank you for the lovely meal, Ill be back at lunch during the break." He stood up, grabbing his cane and and putting back on his glasses. "Make sure to listen in." He grinned and headed out of the diner, placing his money on the table. He off to record his show, he would be back at exactly 11:25 for his lunchtime meal.

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Louise  (louiseem) | 12434 comments She chuckled to what he said and nodded. "Yah maybe." She said and looked at him as he got ready to leave. When he got up she got up as well and looked at him. "We will." She said and took the plate and mug that he had used and looked at him as he left to go record

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Louise  (louiseem) | 12434 comments .

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments It would be about three hours after he finished his morning show before he showed up again, He had ditched his coat at the recording studio. He walked in tapping around, a little bit of sweat on his forehead from how warm it is. He went to his seat. This was the only thing he allowed to be diffrent, but he usually allowed you to decieded. "Good Afternoon, Everyone." He called out as he fixed everything at his table.

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Louise  (louiseem) | 12434 comments Isabella worked as she listened to his podcast. She served some people and when he came back and looked at him. She smiled and walked over to him. "So anything you would like for lunch?" She asked him

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments "What is good on the menu? Your pick today, love." He smirked as he set the menu next to you. "So how was the morning podcast today? Did I mess anything up? YOu are my biggest and most helpful critic." He love to flirt with her, because it makes peolpe feel good.

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Louise  (louiseem) | 12434 comments She took the menu and looked at him as he talked and she couldn't help but blush as he was flirting. She then took a quick look at the menu to see what she could offer him. "Hmmm. What you you say about some corned beef and cabbage, or should I call it Irish turkey?" She asked as she used the diner lingo that he had been talking about in the podcast

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Louise  (louiseem) | 12434 comments .

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments ((I have no idea what to put)

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Louise  (louiseem) | 12434 comments (I'm gonna see if I can fix my post)

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments ((I just ran out of idea, thats all))

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Louise  (louiseem) | 12434 comments (Okay I chanced it a bit

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments "That will do just fine. I am in the mood for something like that. Nice use of lingo by the way." He chuckled and the tapping returned from his hand, he was never one to sit still and this was no exception.

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Louise  (louiseem) | 12434 comments She chuckled. "Thanks. Your food will be ready in a moment." She said and walked away to tell the chefs what he wanted. They started cooking and about ten minutes later she came back with his food and placed the plate in front of him. "Sorry if you had to wait." She said with a gentle smile

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Louise  (louiseem) | 12434 comments .

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments ((Holy hell I forgot about this..)
"You are alright darlin', I aint in no hurry." He quickly dug in, he waas starving and munch on it for a little bit before taping the seat next to him. "Take a load off, Just for a minute, I promise to vouch for you if you get in trouble.."

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Louise  (louiseem) | 12434 comments (It's fine I had for a bit as well and then found it)

She blushed a little as he called her darling. She looked at him as he ate and just as she was about to go away she watch him tap on the seat next to him. She looked at him with a bit of widen eyes. "Are you sure?" She asked him as she didn't want to disturb him while he was eating

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Louise  (louiseem) | 12434 comments .

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