Tower Lord (Raven's Shadow, #2) Tower Lord question

Should I bother...?
F1fan F1fan May 18, 2017 12:48PM
I've just finished Blood Song and was excited to continue the series, till I read the reviews. Even Amazon reviews have similar negative comments regarding how the second book was split up between multiple charaters. I did enjoy the first book, better than Kingkiller to be honest, with it's direct action and intrigue. Yet, I'm puzzled by how Tower received over 4/5 rating with so many negative reviews.

So I ask, should I complete the series or move onto the next (Broken Empire or Lies of Locke)? I will preference that I listen to audiobooks, so I have no issue moving along to the next.

Thanks for the input!

F1fan even if you don't like it, the series is complete which can't be said about lies or kinkkiller or stormlight or lightbringer even the demon cycle last book comes out in november... so enjoy it at the moment

Lies of Locke Lamorra.

Thanks for the reply! I've started Lies, but was a bit turned off by the narrator. Seeing how well reviewed the series as a whole is, I'll continue listening.

Also, I started Assassin's Apprentice and like it so far.

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