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Divergent Movies...Yes or No?

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Little Infinity What do you think of the Divergent movies? Do they top the books? Send me any book and/or its movie that you think is better. What is your favorite part of the book, and why?

Princess Selene Blackburn Idk I haven't read the books or watched the movies

Kathrine i have read all the divergent books, and i am a big FAN. but i have only watched teh first movie, an di don like it, i cant believe it was acuatlly veronica roth who wrote the manuskript. in the movie important cahracters are not even there for example Edward. The other thing is that, tris is bigger than Christina which, which she definetly not is in the book. all in all there are to much of the book that is not a part of the movie!

Dizzy The movies are GOD AWFUL. The books aren't very good, but those movies make them look like they were.

Gabriela I loved the books. It wasn't my favorite series, but I enjoyed them. As for the movies, THEY SUCK! The first one wasn't that bad, the second one was very questionable, but then I was so disappointed that Tris didn't die at the end of it (nobody WANTS her to die, but it is part of the story) I knew that the movies completely RUINED the series for me.

Syrene Rodriguez There have only been 2 times where I felt the movie was better than the book. It is extremely rare. This is one. I liked the books, I HATED, with a passion, the ending. The movie was great for me. It was very similar to the book understanding the movie's limitations and they completely switch the ending and made my heart happy. The movie ended the series much better for me and I appreciate that.

Laurie I loved the books so much !! But I really didn't like the movies, they didn't respect at all the books. And I found that the realation ship between tris and tobias - which I was in love with in the books - didn't appear in the movies (at least not as good as in the books)

Laurie Gabriela wrote: "I loved the books. It wasn't my favorite series, but I enjoyed them. As for the movies, THEY SUCK! The first one wasn't that bad, the second one was very questionable, but then I was so disappointe..." I think they are making a fourth movie (at least that what I saw on IMDb) she could die at the end of this one.
I agree with I didn't like the fact that she died but it is part of the story so it should be part of the movies.

Malainee Ward I really liked the first two books and the begining and end of the last one, (I got board in the middle and had to come back eventually, could have been the reading on the computer thing though *shrugs*). The first half of the first movie was alright, but from there it went in strange directions, then in the second movie it started with the book again and then in the middle diverged from the story a bit. Then again in the third movie, the first ten minutes looked like they were gonna go with the book, but the rest of the 2 hours [of my life I will never get back] my mother and I just exchanged odd looks as the characters did crazy things that were not at all mentioned in the books. Occasionally they would throw out a term that made us go "Oh, right, this is Allegiant." Then they went and ended the movie with Tris still alive and saying they are going to make a part 2, WITH 5 MINUTES OF PLOT LEFT!

Okay, rant over. Long story short, I did not like the movies.

Gabriela I agree.

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Saif To be honest I loved the first two movies, they are the reason I started reading the books in the first place, but once I've completed reading the saga I deeply regretted ever watching the movies,and I'm not just talking about the 1st or the 2nd movie, ALL OF THEM, they ruined the really good stuff about the books, the outside world, the serums stuff, the important characters.. non of these aspects were handled as they were suppose to be.

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Sarah Baker I think that the movies are better than the books because Tris, in the movies is nicer than in the books

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Absolutely the books are better

Gabriela I agree. SHE WAS SUPPOSE TO DIE!!

Jasmine Chantel I prefer the books. I actually read the books first because I learned the movie was in production and I heard it was really similar to The Hunger Games. I loved the first two books. The third...meh. What happened at the end of Allegiant kind of killed my love for the series. The movies didn't help. In my opinion, the casting was all wrong and the plot and special effects were just too overdone. I suppose because they thought it would be the next Hunger Games which it failed to be.

Meaghan I loved the first book and when i heard they were making a movie i was super excited, but then I watched it. I hated the movie compared to the book they portrayed eric completely diffrent from how he was in the book. The movie also changed the whole meaning of being divergent (as much as I remember from watching the movie forever ago).

message 18: by Felicia (new)

Felicia Allen I loved the books a lot more than the movies. the movies are great for a quick fix, but they didn't compare to the detail in the books.

Tracy I agree with most others here. The books were amazing. Then I tried the movies. I got through the first two, but stopped halfway through the third. I just couldn't finish it.

Natalie Hayslett I enjoyed the books, however I could only stomach the first movie. It did not do the book justice, and I can only assume the other two didn't either.

italiandr3ssing I tried to read the first book and gave up after reading about "the hub". It seemed like the hunger games "the hob". I tried to read it again and got sucked in. I watched the movies, and like any other book based movie, it was unbooklistic. But if i had not read the books i would have enjoyed them much more. I can say they were better than the percy jackson movies. I mean, obviously. one of my many favorite parts was when tris is .spoilers, i guess. Injected with the peaceful serum or whatever it is, and she is all giggly. Sorry for the long review/post. -bookwolf18

brompton brompton Hi, I've just read the trilogy and well... wathced Allegiant because Divergent and Insurgent I've watched without reading the book (I didn't know this whole thing was an adaptation back then). So. In my opinion, the books are sort of ok. Though I am way too unhappy with Tris SPOILERS being killed in the third book. I could bet all my fortune that in the film she will stay alive. Yes. She did, but apart from the first film and kind of the first half of the second one, the movies SUCK big time!!! Their plot doesn't really follow the book and by getting to Allegiant (film), the whole story alteres sooo much, it becomes one big nasty mess. So though the books became tiresome by Allegiant too, because of the style (the whole story being told by Tris - and in the end Tobias real time in present simple/continuous/perfect sometimes) I suggest, leave the films alone.

Shaylene I did like the first book and sorta the second book in the beginning but from then on I felt like the trilogy went downhill. Not one of my all time favourite trilogy ever. I mean I am sorta a fan but not my favourite trilogy. I watched the movies because I like to see how well they adapt it but the movies were worse. As a book nerd (lol) who likes the books adapted into a movie or TV show the right way as some other book nerds may agree with me, this was not the right way. If I'm not mistaken, Four/Tobias was supposed to be blond, but Theo James is not how I and I would guess others pictured him. Also, I did not like Shailene Woodley as Tris. So yeah, the movies were not good. The Hunger Games was adapted the right way, they were really good.

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Lana i prefer the books because i think tris has a better personality

message 25: by Lana (new) - rated it 3 stars

Lana and i think so because the book just seemed better i only liked the first movie

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Kai Jacobson The books weren't my favorite, but the movies are godawful. multiple times throughout watching them i wondered if it was even the same story. i feel like maybe the author wasn't quite happy with the way she ended the book so maybe she tried to fix it in the movie. just speculating, but i thought id share.

Saanvi I loved all the books but I didn't like the movie. I saw divergent and insurgent and they were so different then the books but not in a good way. I dont want to see allegiant cause the first two movies were so bad. I won't recommend anyone to watch the movies

Faith:) i read the books in my 6th grade year. (im in 10th grade rn) and i read them without my mom knowing... it was so worth it they were amazing. but i still havent seen the movies.

Sarah I absolutely loved the books; I could hardly set them down. The movies are good and really helped me visualize the characters, but I do think the books are better. My favorite parts of the books were when Tris stood up for those around her. Every time she protected those who couldn't protect themselves my perspective of her improved.

Lucia I absolutely loved the books- Divergent is of of my favourite series! The movies were good, but not great. I have only watched Divergent because it was the only one I could find, but i definitely agree that they changed a bit from the books and in my opinion, for the worse! I did enjoy the movie but the books were 100% better. As someone has already said on this chat, it's very rare for me as well to like the movie more than the books. It's probably happened twice, tops :)

Krithikaa I absolutely loveeeeeee the books. But the movies not soo much. I am usually biased towards books soo yeah. But I like Allegiant because of the ending. Well I hate-love it. First of all Tris doesn’t die. I completely understand the significance of her death but it hurt sooo much 😫😫😭
But on the other hand I don’t like the ending. I felt it didn’t have much a closure 🤷🏻‍♀️

Jared McIntyre I’ve read the books and seen the movies. And the movies are hands down better then the books simply because they have a better ending!!


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Amber Yes especially the first one - it leaves you loving it and wanting more, and we get more but the Second Insurgent does stray away from the book (but I think that's ok) but it definitely needed to be longer, and have the other characters in it more playing bigger parts, if anything Insurgent should've at least been 30 minutes longer or have 2 parts. because it does feel like we should be getting more and there are no deleted scenes.
The 1st movie is my fave movie, it's what brought me to the book

Ellie tbh i dont see why everyone hates the movie i've only watched the first movie bu ti think it was pretty true o the book

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