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Exteriors and Interiors
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C. McGee | 2 comments Hello Tuesday Night Book Club! Love your cover photo! The puppy looks equal parts adorable and deranged (that's my favorite type of dog). Anyway, let me cut to the chase. My name is Caleb Husmann (pen name: C. McGee). I'm originally from Rochester. I went to Century High, ate at Newts on a weekly basis, and gave disapproving looks to honking geese on a daily basis. Although I live in Raleigh now my heart will always be in Roch-town. I will be visiting my folks from June 12th to June 26th and would love to meet with your group and discuss my new novel, Exteriors And Interiors ( https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/3... ). It's a crass dark comedy about a love triangle. Please don't feel obligated in anyway I just thought I would pitch the idea. Let me know if you are interested. All the best! —Caleb

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Julie | 8 comments Mod
Hello there! We are actually meeting tonight (we drink wine at Victoria's for Book Club) and I will run it past the group! I will check out your book for sure.

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C. McGee | 2 comments Wonderful! I look forward to hearing from you. Have fun tonight!

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