Thirteen Reasons Why Thirteen Reasons Why question

about a girl who commites suicide but with many reasons
Alexus Deleon Alexus May 18, 2017 09:45AM
i need some people to discuss this book with me i'm doing a project and i need some people's input about the character and book

Which character, clay or Hannah?

deleted member Jun 01, 2017 06:26AM   0 votes
This book was sad

I think the book has a good message about being good with the people around you and don't let people get bullied but.. at what cost? While the previous message is good it leaves the suicide subject very lighten. I think that the book should have included the mental health part that it is so important to understand suicide. Without talking about mental health and giving the message that suicide has reasons it tend to glorify suicidal tendencies.

I'm interested :)

deleted user I don't know! ...more
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Mari it was recommended by a friend. I've read it when I was still in college, and let's just stay my depression was really high at the time, but to tell y ...more
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