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Kristie (kristies2) | 12 comments Hi, I have kind of a different kind of book. It's not romance but there is some romance in it. It's got horses and horse racing in it too, but is not a Black Stallion type book. This is also part one of her story. The next book is a continuation. I have some good reviews that explain more about it if you'd like to check it out.

Genre: Historical fiction/coming of age

Short synopsis: In 1969, Candy runs away from NYC to find a better life. She finds some success, but she comes to realize that she hates her modeling job (and her current man) and goes back to grooming horses. There, she thinks she's found her dream come true but instead it becomes an even worse nightmare than before. He threatens to find her if she leaves. Can she escape his clutches and will she ever find peace?

To exchange, I'd be interested in thrillers, mysteries, general fiction, or romance - not erotica. I have a little smut in my book but no more than a light romance. I'd call it rated R. I'd also like to avoid vampires and shape shifters if possible. That cuts out a lot, I know. Lol! But I will read a book with those things if that's all that's available. I'd be nice in my review as well. I won't say I hated the book because I hate vampires. Lol! I'd base the review on the story, character development, entertainment factor, point of view, grammar, things like that.

Thank you for your consideration. :)

Wounds into Wisdom

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Prajwalit CHAUHAN (prajjawalit) | 19 comments
willing to exchange review for the book let me know if you are interested

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