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❛❛ mari. | 44 comments Here it is!

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❛❛ mari. | 44 comments Name, age, appearance? Anything else we should add?

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((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.))  | 4198 comments Nope sounds good. I'll start to work on it. Age range? Gender.

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❛❛ mari. | 44 comments Teens? Early to late twenties? I'll make female, if that's alright?

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.))  | 4198 comments perfect. I'll make my OC 16.

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❛❛ mari. | 44 comments I'll just make mine the same age, I think.

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❛❛ mari. | 44 comments I'll get to my character!

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❛❛ mari. | 44 comments
Name: Jovan Mar Hawthorne

Age: 16

Appearance: Of average height and build, Jovan sports honey-blonde hair when not in her animal form. Her usual outfit is usually composed of loose-fitting long-sleeved articles, jeans, and black boots. Her animal form is that of a cat with white fur splotched with orange, retaining hazel-colored eyes that her human form has as well.

(view spoiler)

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.))  | 4198 comments Silver was driving along in her silver and black Ferri. Silver whistled a tune as she pulled off of the main road onto a small, gravel road that lead deep into the forest. She had just gotten off of work, which was after school, and was finally heading to her Victorian home deep in the woods, away from the bustling streets of Hollywood.

"Great. Now I have it stuck in my head." Silver mumbled to herself as she reached to turn the radio on. Hitting preset one, 104.7 FM, WBGL played from the speakers. She smiled. Good timin'! TobyMac is on! Silver sang along to one of her favorite songs by TobayMac, Backseat Driver, as she drove over the small bridge the crossed the small stream, nearing home.

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❛❛ mari. | 44 comments
In all honesty, Jovan couldn't remember how she got into a scuffle that left a bleeding wound on her head. Had it been a fight? Had she caused it or was she simply caught up? She could barely fathom what had been happening so she simply gave into her flight instincts and left the scene in the fastest way possible - by shifting into the smaller and swifter form of that of cat.

When she found herself on gravel road deep in the woods, Jovan was barely clinging on to consciousness. She did her best to hold on but the waters of unconsciousness proved too strong for her to fight. In the end, the waves won, washing over her until she collapsed in the middle of the road, still in her animal form as the night grew older.

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((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.))  | 4198 comments Silver was driving, the music becoming background noise. She sighed, turning on her headlights. As the lights turned on, their bright light illuminating the dark road and woods, she saw a orange and white cat laying in the middle of the gravel of the road. Silver quickly slammed down on the brakes. She glanced into the review mirror, her silver and black eyes filled with concern, before she reached into the pocket in the door grabbing her First Aid Kit, as she opened the door.

Before the door had fully swung upward she had unbuckled and gotten out the car, hurrying to the cat. Silver always had a soft spot for animals, especially cats and dogs. Cats were always independent and seemingly smug and yet dogs were dependent on the human owner and was less self-centered.

Silver knelt by the cat and, seeing that it was unconscious, pressed two fingers gently against the cat's neck. Silver let go of an anxious breath when she found a pulse. You're alive. She then noticed the wound on the head and quickly got out an bandage and carefully placed it on the cat's head injury. "We'll get you to help tomorrow." Silver said, confused and concerned that she had not found a collar on the cat. Silver closed up the kit and then went to the car, putting the kit back in its place and opening the passenger side door. She set blankets on the floor and then went to the cat, carrying it and setting it in the nest of blankets.

Silver closed the door and went over to the driver's side, got in and buckled, and she locked the doors before driving down the road again.

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❛❛ mari. | 44 comments
Jovan barely felt the pressure against neck, a gentle touch that both alarmed her and reassured her. And were those lights that she saw in the distance? Two bright lights - they both blinded her and at the same time made everything sharper, much clearer. Her eyelids fluttered open for a split second before they shut tightly again, the throbbing in her head proving too strong for her to fight against.

She felt her head being lifted from the ground and something being wrapped around it. If she could, she would wince as she felt the... fabric? It had to be some sort of fabric. As the fabric wrapped around her head, more and more of her worries began to slip away. This was help, wasn't it? It had to be, it felt like it.

There was a sensation of floating before Jovan realized that it was her body being lifted from the ground. She slipped back into oblivion for a moment before coming back, and finding herself surrounded by warm clothing. Blankets? Were those blankets? It didn't really matter to her at that point because everything that had just happened spelled safe. She began to purr in comfort, hoping that it would quicken the process of healing her wound.

And whoever it was that had the heart to save her from the middle of that gravel road... well. Jovan made a silent note about her savior, barely recalling seeing a girl with silver hair and pale skin.

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.))  | 4198 comments Silver glanced at the cat when she heard a slight purring sound. Thank the Lord. She was surprised how much she cared for this stray cat.

It didn't take her very long before she arrived at her black and red, two and a half story, Victorian house. The majestic house was settled deep into the woods. Silver fell in love with the house since it was old, ornate, sad, and away from civilization. Also, there were no cell phone reception here so no one could bother her.

Silver parked in the gravel drive and turned the car off. Before she went to carry the cat inside, Silver opened the front door and then she went to carefully carry the cat inside the dark home. Silver, holding the cat in her right arm, locked the car from her left hand before she carried the cat up the stairs to the second floor.

Silver went down the hallway to her left and then typed a code into a keypad, hence unlocking the door to her bedroom. Silver walked inside, closing the door behind her with her foot, and fetched some spare blankets to make a soft bed. She gingerly set the cat in the midst of the soft blankets and then left to get some water in case the cat woke up thirsty.

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❛❛ mari. | 44 comments
Jovan was no longer rational. All she could think off was the movement beneath her, rolling silently as she snuggled against the blankets. She didn't want to wake up, in all honesty. When she opened her eyes, everything ached and eyesight was far from clear. It was all a muddled mess that matched her muddled mind.

And then the movement stopped - everything became still. Jovan felt the floating sensation again, the feeling of being carried. As a cat, she had known more pleasures than this one, being able to jump off high places and such. But the moment, she savored being carried by a human (if a fellow shapeshifter had seen her at such a state, she would be teased till the end of her days).

She felt herself be placed onto another nest of blankets, this one softer and the environment brighter. Jovan immediately snuggled against the blankets, the buzzing in her head still present as she did her best to ignore it.

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.))  | 4198 comments Silver soon came back to her red and black, gothic room. She bent down to place a metal bowl of water near the head of the cat's bed. Silver smiled at the sight of the calm cat. "Goodnight kitty cat."

Silver stood up and entered her silver and black bathroom, soon leaving. Her teeth was brushed, face clean, and she wore a gray bunny sleeper, no footies but it came with a hood. Silver crawled into bed and set the alarm for nine. She carefully pulled out the drawer, reassured that her black, sleek, old gun was there, safe and sound. Loaded.

Silver closed the drawer, laid down and fell into a nightmare haunted sleep.

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❛❛ mari. | 44 comments
There were words that were said but when Jovan heard them, it was as if she were underwater and the words were unclear. Soon, she let herself slip back into that dark oblivion, head rested against the blankets. It wasn't long before dreams began to haunt her sleep, of her running through the woods up until the gravel road, only she wasn't in her cat form but in her human form. It was a troubling dream, to say the least, but she remembered none of it when she woke up.

She stretched out her limbs out on the blankets until she realized that she had slept through the night in her cat form. Gradually, in bits and pieces, the night's events came back to her. She'd gotten into a fight, she got injured, someone took her away to care for her... Ignoring the light pressure behind her eyes, Jovan took a drink from the bowl before shifting back to her human form. Left in her undergarments, she covered herself with the blankets that had served as her nest for the night. Only then did she scrutinize her surroundings - shades of red and black decorated the room, a luxurious space that surely belonged to someone rich.

She reached for her head, where the bandages had fallen off after she'd shifted back, and winced when she touched the wound. Quietly, Jovan debated whether to wait for her rescuer to enter the room or to search for them herself.

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.))  | 4198 comments The alarm beeped and Silver soon reached over to shut it up. Silver laid there, arm draped over the bed, eyes open, as she slowly remembered the events from last night. The cat! I hope it's alright. Silver then rubbed her eyes and yawned, her hair even spiker, if that was even possible, from her messy bed head. Silver sat up and stretched her back, yawning again.

Silver couldn't see the cat from her bed, the bed blocking the view. Silver got up from her bed, her bare feet touching the cold wood floor. She stood up straight, stretching again, as she turned her head to see the cat. Except, the cat wasn't there. Instead was what seemed to be a teenager girl, covering herself with the blankets. Silver gave a small jump back, ramming her back into the bedside table. "W-who are you?" Silver asked, frightened by this young lady. Her hand automatically reached behind her to open the drawer that withheld the gun.

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❛❛ mari. | 44 comments
Jovan didn't notice the lump on the bed, she honestly didn't. So when the alarm went off, she automatically crouched low on the floor, forgetting for a second that she was no longer in her animal form. She almost scolded herself out loud but she bit her tongue. Feeling ridiculous, she raised her head to see the person that occupied the bed and saw a girl with spiky, silver hair with a scar on her face.

The girl jumped back and Jovan mirrored her without realizing so, and she spotted the girl's hand reaching into her drawer for something. Jovan cursed in her head with a deep intake of breath. One of her hands tightened their clutch on the blankets that covered her while she raised the other one in a show of surrender - or, more likely, that she meant this girl no one. She quickly searched for the right words that could serve as an explanation. "Wait, wait! I'm the cat!" she said. "You rescued me last night, it's me. I don't mean you any harm."

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.))  | 4198 comments Silver's fingers halted on the lip of the drawer. Sounds like a Studio Ghibli movie. Silver tilted her head and saw Jovan's bloody wound. It's the same as the cat's head wound...... But it isn't possible to shape-shift. It's the work of fiction. Not a science fact.

Silver wanted to go and follow her heart but it never went well when she did. She gave a small sigh and looked at this cat woman. "Declaring that you are the cat and mean no harm does not guarantee that it is true nor does it guarantee that I believe you." Silver said in a cold, icy voice. "I highly suggest you prove your Studio Ghibli theory."

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Jovan could practically see the gears turning in the girl's head as she waited for her reaction. She still had the wound on her head - shouldn't that be enough proof that she was the same cat she brought home last night?

She listened to the girl's reasoning and gave a single nod of her head, her eyebrows knitting as she comprehended her words. "Fair enough," Jovan answered. It looked like that there was only way to convince the other that she speaking the truth.

With a deep breath, Jovan began to focus on the image of her cat form in her mind. Slowly, she felt the hair on her skin elongate and turn to thick fur, her form growing smaller and smaller until she was the size of a feline. Her eyesight sharpened and the rest of her senses heightened. Soon, she was on all fours. Jovan looked around the blankets that had fallen around her before she looked up and gave the girl a meow. Convinced yet?

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.))  | 4198 comments Silver stumbled back, running into the drawer again. "Holy cow…" Silver muttered, closing the drawer. She gave a nod as if to say she believed Jovan's crazy story. "I'll be back. I'm going to get you clothes and bandages." Silver explained before heading out of her room, walking in a daze.

She couldn't believe it! A shapeshifter! Silver's mind raced as she grabbed guest clothes and bandages. Silver soon headed back up the stairs to her room.

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