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message 1: by ❛❛ mari. (new)

❛❛ mari. | 44 comments Here it is!

message 2: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Thank you! Anything specific you already had in mind?

message 3: by ❛❛ mari. (new)

❛❛ mari. | 44 comments I have my ideas posted in the Request topic but feel free to share your ideas! Sorry for the late reply, I didn't notice that you've answered!

message 4: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Ok, cool, wanna do a fantasy or supernatural one?

message 5: by ❛❛ mari. (new)

❛❛ mari. | 44 comments I'm in the mood to do something fantasy right now.

message 6: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Sweet we'll do a fantasy then!

message 7: by ❛❛ mari. (new)

❛❛ mari. | 44 comments Great! Anything you want to do? I'm pretty much up for anything, really!

message 8: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Haha, sweet! Ummmm, do you want to do something futuristic steam punk, mid evil, creatures (vamp/werewolf/demons/angels), or something along those lines. Same as you, I'm really open to anything.

message 9: by ❛❛ mari. (new)

❛❛ mari. | 44 comments Maybe something with creatures? There could be a war, mysterym prophecy, or something?

message 10: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Alright, sounds good to me! Any specific creatures you had in mind? Angels and demons would be cool, but I'll do whatever.

message 11: by ❛❛ mari. (new)

❛❛ mari. | 44 comments I was also thinking of angels and demons! Shall we go with that?

message 12: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Yes! Alrighty so what's the plot line? Something threatens the existence of not only earth, but heaven and hell and a prophecy requires one demon and one angel to work together?

message 13: by ❛❛ mari. (new)

❛❛ mari. | 44 comments Yes, that sounds great! How about a plot twist too, to spice things up?

message 14: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Sure! Sounds like a great idea!

message 15: by ❛❛ mari. (new)

❛❛ mari. | 44 comments Hmm, what if the demon's and angel's respective families are included in the minority that don't believe in the prophecy? While the angel and demon believe in the prophecy (but don't know at first that it refers to them), at least they try to work together despite being natural enemies despite their families trying to keep them apart?

message 16: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Yeah! That sounds great! And they could meet each other one day on earth while wandering the earth. They are wary of each other at first, but talk and find that the other isn't so bad. Now we just need a prophecy!

message 17: by ❛❛ mari. (new)

❛❛ mari. | 44 comments Yes, that'll work great! I was wondering how they could meet too, any ideas? Do they just bump into each other or meet one another in a sticky situation? About the prophecy, ohmygosh, it doesn't have to rhyme, does it? HAHA anyways, so one angel and one demon have to work together against a common enemy which is? Aand there should be something specific about those prophecied angel and demon that applies to our characters, you get what I mean? Like, it really has to refer to them?

message 18: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments I totally got you. Ok, so how about they both are being chased by the minions of the great evil. The great evil could be like, the controller of purgatory. (Purgatory is where nonhuman souls like vamps/werewolves/etc... go.) so there could be an overlord of purgatory that tries to take over heaven and hell with their endless reserves of monsters. And no, it doesn't have to rhyme. Would you like a shot at making the prophecy or should I try?

message 19: by ❛❛ mari. (new)

❛❛ mari. | 44 comments Let's go with that! Perhaps the sign of this happening can be seen with nonhuman souls gradually increasing on earth and attacking humans and thew few angels and demons who're wandering/staying on earth? And since their families don't believe in the prophecy at first, they'll finally start believing very much later on when the nonhuman souls soon find a way to enter heaven and hell as well (they targeted earth first because it's more vulnerable than heaven and hell perhaps?) Could you, please? I really have no idea at the moment about how to make one.

message 20: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Middle land controlled by one of terror. (Purgatory)
Monsters marching, put up your barrier. (Protect yourselves)
Hope lies in that of 2 souls
One of light and one of coals. (Angel and demon)

The coal marked by shame. (Demon disgraced his family?)
The light marked by a scar. (Angel has a scar?)
Foes working as one
To preserve light and flame. (Save heaven and hell)

Win and live, lose and die
The solution seen not by the immortals eye. (They find a way that the evil overlord did not know?)

How was that? Kinda iffy, but I think it will serve its purpose.

message 21: by ❛❛ mari. (new)

❛❛ mari. | 44 comments That is great! I don't think I could've done a better job tbh. So do we have everything worked out? On to characters?

message 22: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Yeah, sounds like we should do characters. Would you prefer to be the angel or demon?

message 23: by ❛❛ mari. (new)

❛❛ mari. | 44 comments I'm thinking of doing the demon unless you'd like to play that role?

message 24: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments No that's fine! I'll take the angel. Do you want to post your character first? And I'll follow your lead?

message 25: by ❛❛ mari. (new)

❛❛ mari. | 44 comments Should name, age, and appearance do fine? Also, what age range?

message 26: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments That should be perfect. And how about 18-22? But I mean, technically because they're angels they've been around for like, centuries, so that's just appearance.

message 27: by ❛❛ mari. (new)

❛❛ mari. | 44 comments Yep, just for appearance! Let's go with that then. Shall I post first or do you prefer to?

message 28: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Would you? If you don't mind.

message 29: by ❛❛ mari. (new)

❛❛ mari. | 44 comments
Name: Colline Salazar

Apparent age: 20


message 30: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Name: Castiel Walker
Apparent age:19
Appearance: http://s.huffpost.com/contributors/ji...

(I can't see the image you put. Just thought I'd let ya know.)

message 31: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Nvm I see it!

message 32: by ❛❛ mari. (new)

❛❛ mari. | 44 comments Great! Shall we start?

message 33: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Sure! Would you like to or should I?

message 34: by ❛❛ mari. (new)

❛❛ mari. | 44 comments Could you, please?

message 35: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Castiel was not having a good day. It had started off ok when he was walking amongst the mortals, performing a miracle at the hospital, stopping a car crash, just little things. He had been on earth for almost a century now, and his rotation was almost up. In a year or two, he'd be called up to heave, where he would reside for a century, and then he would come back here. It was a way of dividing up the angels work load. His job was to keep an eye on the faith, and monitor the monsters that roamed here. But at the moment, he was sprinting down 1st street in New York, running from a vampire, a shape shifter, and a few more other nasties he hadn't seen on earth for many centuries. He could fly off, but there were too many mortal eyes around, and he wasn't going to mess up. He would usually fight these guys, but with so many, and many powerful ones at that, he wasn't gonna take any unnecessary risks. He rounded the corner and stumbled to a halt. About a hundred yards in from to him, a demon was running straight at him. It was a trap, he was screwed. The demon looked like any other human, except his angel eyes could never miss the darkness about the figure. He Whipped around, but the group of baddies were right there.

message 36: by ❛❛ mari. (new)

❛❛ mari. | 44 comments
Colline did not want this - all she had wanted was a nice snack at a nice place, wasn't that simple enough? Someone really had to arrive and ruin everything. And as if that wasn't enough, it wasn't just another perfectly average mortal who had the guts to ruin her day, it had to be a damn vampire! And it had been ages since she'd last encountered one, which begged the question, what was such a creature doing on earth? She'd left the place in an instant in an attempt to keep away from the intruder but the vampire persisted, following in her footsteps through the crowds of New York. Colline really didn't care about starting a fight there and then just to make it clear she didn't appreciate being followed, but exposing herself... well, that would simply cut short her little 'vacation' on earth and she would hate for that to happen. Instead, she dealt with the trouble of walking a long way until the crowd thinned and gradually, Colline was left alone with the vampire. She turned into an alley where she dealt with the foe with little difficulty but dismay overcame her when she realized that there was another one waiting for her, the moment she left the alley. Nothing about this spelled normal. She broke into a run with the second vampire in tow until she spotted an angel far ahead. Oh, great! But were those... more vampires and shapeshifters and werewolves and more monsters chasing him? Even better! Colline continued to run straight ahead but before she could near the angel, she raised up her arms to show she had no intention of hurting the other, only wanting to get away from the creature at her heels.

message 37: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Castiel watched the girl running at him, wondering what his chances were of taking all of them at once. But as it turns out, the demon seemed to be in the same position he was. She was nearing and had put her arms up in a surrender gesture, indicating she didn't mean harm. He noticed the same kind of creatures following her, and he was confused, which was rare for him. Angel motions were different than those of others. Of course they experienced love and such, but feeling confused or in disorder was not common at all. Why would these creatures be going after demons and angels? He decided he would think about this later when he wasn't in danger. The demon reached him and saw the monsters that were charging towards him from the other direction, making her turn around just to see more monsters. Castiel decided that they were secluded enough and grabbed the demon girl by the wrist. She was about to wrench it away from him, but she didn't get the chance as he had spread his powerful white wings and launched into the air, shooting upward amongst the tops of the buildings. He flew for a little bit and then, without warning, dropped the demon onto the top of a building. He was on her in a flash, his purified and graced sterling silver blade pressed against the chicks throat. It was an intricate blade, with the words of God engraved it the metal. It was standard issue to all angels and it was capable of killing every species alive. "Speak quickly and clearly demon scum, and I may yet let you go. Who are you, why were you being chased, and what are you doing on earth." He said in his calm stately voice.

message 38: by ❛❛ mari. (new)

❛❛ mari. | 44 comments
Silence meant yes, or in this case, he wasn't going to harm in return. At least, in the moment, not when there had much bigger problems surrounding them. What on earth... Colline hadn't seen such a large army of monstrosity in her entire life. When had they arrived and why in such a large number? Most of all, why were they after her and him, a demon and an angel? Far from their typical choices of prey... Unfortunately, Colline didn't have enough of a moment to fathom answers to her questions as the angel clearly had other ideas. She'd only thought of fighting the creatures, she'd forgotten that there was another way out - the angel grabbed her wrist, and before she could even pull away, he launched himself into the air along with her. Colline did all she could to refuse the second-long urge to scream out of fright, before she had gathered her senses to tell herself that she was in the air, being carried by an angel. Which was perfectly normal at all! she thought sarcastically. Wasn't that wonderful? She had escaped a situation only to be dragged into another one, one that involved her natural enemy. Before she realized it, the angel had dropped her on top of a building before swiftly landing on top of her, before she could even blink. She gave a hiss through gritted teeth upon the impact, one hand discretely reaching for the dagger tucked by her side as she tried to pull as far as the floor allowed her from the angel's blade. The mere sight of it almost blinded her. "Go ask them, I don't have bloody idea," she spat at him, finally getting a hold of her weapon. "Get your righteous ass off me and I'll give you your answers," she said at the same she whipped out her blade in a split-second and pressed it against the angel's abdomen.

message 39: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments There they were, at a standstill, glaring at each other. Castiel knew well the damage the blade poking his abdomen could do. He had a scar from left shoulder to right hip, given to him from a demon around 600 AD. the blade was forged of a Stygian iron, found in the depths of hell. He gave a sneer and pulled his blade away from her throat, and stepped off her, letting her up. "I do not play games hell borne, I want answers. Why are you here on earth and who are you?" He said, his piercing stare directed at her. It was the first time he'd really gotten a good look at her, and he was a little surprised to find that she was stunningly beautiful. A paler complexion with bright red lipstick. Light blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail and a black leather jacket pulled tight around her body. This could have been someone he might have found interest in had she not been a demon. He shoved the thought aside and fixed his attention back on her.

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❛❛ mari. | 44 comments
The moment he backed away from her, her hand shot up to her throat to check for a wound or any mark the blade could've left. Relief flooded her when she felt nothing but smooth skin, yet the feeling of the cool metal against her neck remained with her. She'd been cut once by another angel's blade and it was not an experience she wished to go through again. She immediately stood to her feet and went into a fighting stance, refusing to let her guard down. "Colline Salazar, and my business here on earth is none of yours," she answered. She'd say she was on vacation but it was a pathetic excuse that could even possibly shed some light on the truth she was hiding. "And you? Nasties chasing after a pretty boy like you... What did you do?" she asked him with an arched brow. While Colline had no idea why the creatures came after her, perhaps the angel did. After all, between the two of them, she reckoned he'd have more knowledge of present events since she tended to neglect her surroundings, choosing to keep her nose out of trouble given her current predicament. "What are you called?"

message 41: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Castiel considered this a moment, wondering what he should tell the demon girl. She seemed genuinely curious about why he was being chased and who he was. Another thing that he thought about was her last name. Salazar. He felt like he'd heard it before in a story or something. He decided to answer her question. "I do not know what makes these monsters pursue me, or you for that matter. It has been some centuries that I have seen them here on earth. Some of them were quite powerful as well. And as for my name, I am Castiel Walker. Guardian of heaven, protector of the word of god." He replied looking her over again. She had her knife drawn, and he was wary of it, but he also noticed a certain look to her. He didn't know what it was or how to place it, but she had it. He decided it was nothing, and continued on,"I suggest you leave earth if you have no real business here. My kin are not nearly as lenient as me. I don't know why I'm letting you go, but I've got other things to worry about. Like those damn monsters. That will mean that the prophetic supporters will be babbling again." He did not like the prophetic supporters because whenever he heard them talk, he started becoming convinced of their legitimacy. The words were carved in the judgement hall with the rest of the prophecies, but many angels dismissed them because of their implications. He hated being torn in indecision.

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❛❛ mari. | 44 comments
Colline found herself more troubled than disappointed with his answer. He didn't know why, equally as her. Could this be... Colline cut her train of thought from going to the so-called prophecy that once caused a riot in all the layers of Hell. She didn't bother hiding her chagrin, a sigh slipping from her parted lips. "I think that's obvious, wings and all," Colline retorted plainly while she silently scanned the name through the multitudes of angels that she had knowledge of. Castiel Walker? Where have I heard that before? Tension left her outstretched arm as she loosened her stance. "No can do, pretty boy," Colline called from behind as she began to walk away. He was only speaking things she already knew off - angels going after her, having no business on earth. As if she had a choice when it came to staying on earth. As for angels, she knew how to avoid them and to keep them off her tail. She was behaving for a reason, after all. But then she came to a stop in her tracks when the angel mentioned the prophecy, and she slowly turned to face him. "Prophecy?" she scoffed. "You don't believe in that, do you? I mean, it can't be happening now, at least." There was a sign, yes, of the monsters coming back on earth but what if it were only the two of them who were experiencing such? While her aloof tone said otherwise, there was actually a part of her that believed in the prophecy.

message 43: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments "I do not like what the prophecy says, as angels and demons do not work together. But it is carved in the judgement hall so I do not know. Many of my kind don't believe it, but of course, there are those who do. I myself... actually, I don't need to tell you what I think. And I cannot let you run off onto the earth, wreaking havoc and causing chaos. I simply cannot-" Castiel was cut off by the slamming of a door. The monsters had tracked them and were now charging though the door leading into the building. They must've followed them to the building and come up through the stairwell. Great. Colline backed away from them. There were about 10 in all, many armed. One particularly quick vampire hidden in deep folds of a draped cloak threw knives at Colline as much as he didn't like it, he still needed to talk to her. He folded his wings around her and blocked the knives. Angel wings weren't just good for flying, as they were also extremely tough, like Kevlar wrapped over metal. Castiel grabbed and said to her, "I am not fond of saying this, but would you please help me open one godly can of whoop ass on these purgatory upstarts?" She seemed to puzzle it, but he didn't wait for an answer, grabbing his knife and launching into the group, slashing and stabbing.

message 44: by ❛❛ mari. (new)

❛❛ mari. | 44 comments
Colline began to pay close attention to his words, her interest piqued in the way he said that many of the angels didn't believe in the prophecy. So her own kind weren't alone in that, she knew now. Then he had to begin talking about her, how she could cause a disturbance on earth. There was a time when she was reckless and she would have done just exactly what he said she'd do, but that was centuries ago and she actually had a reason to behave now. And by behave, she wasn't even supposed to be talking to an angel. However, it seemed that it was going to be some time before she could distance herself from Castiel as monsters barged through the door. Colline was hardly surprised as she shrugged off her jacket to reveal a pair of deer horn knives hooked to her back, blades of Stygian iron that were shaped like crescent moons. She quickly tied her leather jacket around her waist, knowing it would only restrict her movement. Before she could step out of the way from the knives being thrown her way, Castiel's wing shot up to shield her. Surprise spread on her features as she shot him a look that was as grateful as she could manage. She didn't pull away when he grabbed her but she took a second to think his words before she took a deep breath and grabbed her blades from their sheathes. "It'd be my pleasure." With deadly speed, she began to cut her way through the creatures nearest her.

message 45: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments The fight didn't last all that long as it was lowly monsters versus supreme beings of heaven and hell. Castiel fought with poise and accuracy, while Colline fought brutally with lethality. Both cut through the monsters and were finished within a minute. When they had finished, Castiel sheathed his blade, and glanced at Colline who was yanking her knives out of a shifter. The vamps had all been decapitated and the shifters stabbed through the heart. "These poor bugs barely stood a chance, I'm surprised they were so persistent at getting to us." He commented. He looked over the bodies on the roof and decided they could not leave this scene on top of a mortal building. "Colline, shield your eyes." He said. He was going to reveal his true angelic form, and if Colline gazed upon it, she could experience some extremely unpleasant side effects. It would burn away the husks of the lesser beings. Colline might experience a blinding light and a piercing shriek, but for monsters, it tended incinerate dead ones and burn live ones. Although it wouldn't kill live ones, which was a bummer, and it was hard to keep up his pure form in the mortal world so he could only do it for a few seconds, it was a nice failsafe to have.

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❛❛ mari. | 44 comments
The fight was quick and bloody, just like Colline liked it. There wasn't even a competition. With a huff of air, she wiped her blades on the clothes of some vampire she had beheaded before sheathing them behind her back. "Well, they must have thought that it was better to try than not try at all." she remarked in reply to the angel's comment. She untied her lether jacket from her waist and put it back on as she watched Castiel scrutinize the bloody scene before them, as if he were considering something. Then he told her shield her eyes and she immediately knew what was coming. Oh, shit, she thought as she gave a groan. Being near an angel was hard enough (but that was mostly because she hated their guts) but to have them reveal their true form? It was something she didn't want to witness. So she obeyed Castiel, shut her eyes close and tight, and put her hands over her face for good measure. And then it came, the brightest light that a mortal could ever see that Colline still saw a hint of it through her eyelids. There was a roaring in her ears that she could not quite process, causing her to fall to her knees and curl into herself. The moment it was over, Colline didn't quite notice it as she opened her eyes and shakily stood to her feet, as if threatening to fall back on the ground at any moment.

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Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments After seeing the monsters disintegrate, Castiel reigned himself back into his mortal form. He flexed he's fingers and held his arms out at his sides, examining them. For him, revealing his true form felt extremely freeing, especially here on earth. It felt like stretching a tight muscle that had not been used in a while. Some people wonder what angels look like in their true form, but Castiel never understood why. What did it matter what they looked like, if they had halos or wings on scepters or togas. They were angels all the same, and frankly, if someone could see them in their true form, he was guessing they would be pretty freaked out by it. He was pondering this when he noticed Colline standing dizzily, blinking her eyes like she'd been flashed by the worlds most powerful flashlight. Demons especially did not like angels true forms, as the light was too pure for their souls. They would survive looking at it no doubt, but they would either have their eyes melt out of their socket, or else something in them tended to snap, and they would go somewhat crazy, never quite the same. He looked around him at the piles of ash and decided that it would suffice. "Colline, hell child, whichever you prefer, I need you to help me catch some of these... bugs. Monsters like this don't just gather, especially like that. Something is happening, and I intend to use you to find out. If you cooperate, this will be much easier and I'll leave you on your way, as soon as we capture one of these purgatory scum. I need to ask them a few questions." He decided, taking a long look at her, deciding if the trouble she was sure to cause was worth her help.

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❛❛ mari. | 44 comments
Colline took her time to recover, walking towards the ledge where she steadied herself with a deep breath. She rubbed her eyes until everything was clear again and shapes no longer muddled around her. She walked back to her previous spot with a little more distance from the angel, clearly sour after what happened. Her eyes darted over the piles of ash, satisfied that there was little evidence of the fight that had just occurred but also bothered that had she witnessed Castiel's true form... sure, she wouldn't turn to ashes, but she could lose her sight or her sanity or worse. She trembled at the thought before she put it away and fixed her composure. "'Hell child,'" she muttered under her breath, voice dripping with sarcasm. "It's just Colline. Make sure your saintly ass remembers it. Nothing more, nothing less," she told him. Not that she exactly hated being told of what she was or where she came from, she honestly wouldn't have minded it if it didn't remind her of her current situation - why she was stranded on earth and whatnot. Colline mulled over his words without her gaze leaving him. She really didn't want to be stuck with another angel but the day's events troubled her as much as it did him. She's highly appreciate it if the monsters stopped confronting her at every turn she took. "I'll help you," she answered, trying to conceal the bitterness in her tone. "But I get to use you as much as you use me. Just to get this damn mess over with." Colline sighed. Who knew how much he loathed to work with her as much as she did with him. This was unnatural. His eyes spoke more than he let on, a reluctance to trust her because of her chaotic nature evident in them.

message 49: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Castiel studied her. He could tell there was something more about her, something she wasn't telling him, but he let it go. She was a demon, she probably had loads of secrets and things she wasn't telling him. He grabbed her waist and took off. He couldn't let her hang from he wrist for as far and fast as he was planning on flying. He was headed to Pennsylvania, where he suspected a nest of vamps may be. They used it long ago when they still roamed this earth, so why wouldn't they use it again. Colline protested at first, but he was not sure what her qualms were, as she should be grateful to receive a ride from an angel. Castiel flew fast, beating his wings at an incredible pace. The world blurred around them. While they were flying, Colline mostly just looked around, wide eyed and if he wasn't mistaken, a little afraid. He could not imagine the grief he would get if one of his kind saw him flying a demon around. He would be scoffed at and ridiculed, but for some reason, he didn't mind it too much. Almost as if Colline was becoming tolerable or there was some kind of connection. Whatever it was, as he flew, he became more aware of his arms around her waist, and the closeness of her body. He shook his head. Best stay focused on the task at hand.

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❛❛ mari. | 44 comments
A staredown, that was what was happening, right? Colline thought so until he closed the distance between them and grab her waist before a protest could even escape her lips. And then in the blink of an eye, they were in the air again. "What on earth- You could've told me first!" she practically screamed at him. It was no longer new to her but the fear was still there, a fear that either he'd let her go or he wasn't strong enough to hold on to her for so long. But the solid grip around her waist told her otherwise and slowly, her fear ebbed away. Instead, she tried to enjoy the wind against her skin at the speed they were going, her surroundings blurring into shapes and colors that were becoming hard to distinguish from one another; it was an interesting sight. This was happening. She was flying in the air with an angel, already an absurd sight, and their proximity was not helping either. It caused a buzzing in her head and a hitch in her breath that she did her best to ignore. Here she was when she was supposed to be down on the ground, minding her own business, as she tried to find a way to 'earn' her way back to hell. She didn't even realized she had already wrapped her arms around his waist but she wasn't thinking of taking them off either. Instead, she cleared her throat and said, "Mind telling me where were going, at least?"

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